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  1. Mine were sent 2 weeks ago and the recieved list has not changed in 6 weeks. Anyone home??
  2. Shipping this week update shipped the 10th.
  3. Im in with a wooly bugger pattern in olive size 12. Squirrel
  4. I have been using 34007 1/0 sst at $21.00/100 for saltwater. these I am placing a order for. Those are 3407 1/0 which are fine for my uses. Dave
  5. All kinds of water and no stripers on the flats, they are killing them outside the river but far outside. All kinds of flats and not a striper to be had. Dave
  6. Im tying up a few sand eels and the pattern calls for a 1/0 followed 4 inches back by a #2 hook. What type of line do you use and any special knots. My first time tying tandem. Dave
  7. Im in with a white and chartruese clouser pattern size 2
  8. Guys and gals I am back behind the vise and the fly rod. Thank you SD for building that 2 wt it is a dream to fish with. I am posting a picture of my alotted space in my cabin for tying ( she doesn't know the entire basement will be mine soon 20 x 34. ) But I can't beat the view for now.
  9. Another hairy from a great book and fly tyer. I had no black bear so I substituted it with black chenille. Sorry about the picture quality, great camera but it hates flies. Dave
  10. Shot in the evening while it was raining on a peak.
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