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  1. Hello everyone. My name is Chris and I have a tying shop on the eastern end of the north fork of Long Island, Ny. I started the business by tying buck tails and am now getting more and more into tying and offering mostly saltwater flies to my customers. I deal with several charter boats and guides here on long island and in Connecticut and just picked up a new customer in san Diego! Not sure how much help I will be to people as far as instruction goes but, if anyone has any questions for me I will do my best. Just because I tie/sell fly and components commercially, it certainly doesn't mean I have all the answers. My email address is bluewaterlures at opt online dot net should anyone need to get in touch with me. I will work on completing my profile and offer other contact information there. I hope everyone is taking advantage of this nice weather and getting in some good fishing! Ok, I will do my best to check back regularly so if anyone asks anything please be patient. Thank you, have a great week. Tight lines! Chris Blue water lures
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