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Found 3 results

  1. Thanks for helping this list grow! -Let's get it to 50 locations! While I'm not new to the sport of fly fishing...I haven't exactly experienced the "gem" locations that many of you seasoned veterans have experienced. Recently, I've been toying with the idea of creating my top 10 ten bucket-list fly fishing destinations. I realize this is not a novel concept for most of you, but for me, coming up with a dream destination list has proven too difficlut to whittle down to just 10 locations. Then it dawned on me, why not learn from the Fly Tying Forum's community of experts that reside all over the planet. Who better to help me solidify my top 10 "must-fish" fly fishing destinations before I kick the bucket...in the next 50 years or so! No destination is off limits. I'll consider fresh water or salt water,...lake, river or stream,...chartered vessel, pontoon, or from the bank! Any continent. You needn't ask any clarifying questions as I am open minded to any and all dream destinations worthy of a bucket list. Sky's the limit on what I'll consider! So have at it ya'll. Please share with me where and why. I'm hoping for advice on destinations that you've actually fished, not just read about or dreamed of. I hope to post my finalized "bucket list" after I have received the sage location-narrowing advice from all of the Fly Fishing Forum community. So let the dreaming begin! -Dorado _____________________________________________ ***Update as of May 25th: Thanks for the prolific suggestions thus far. Over the past 2 weeks, the Fly Tying Forum community has assembled the following 34 Bucket List FF destination locations up for consideration! I will continue to update the list as more offerings get posted to this forum. After the list is finalized, I’m thinking of doing a "FF Destinations Bucket List Poll" to help refine the list to the top 10 as voted on by the FTF community. The following are simply alphabetized (and not assigned a ranking as of yet): Abrams Creek, Great Smoky Mountains Alaska/Canada (Salmon) Atlantic (Mako Shark) Beaverkill/NY Bighorn/Montana British Columbia (Steelhead) British Isles (Salmonids) Christmas Island Costa Rica (Rooster Fish) Costa Rica (Sailfish) Cuba Florida Keys Florida mangroves (Tarpon) Frying Pan, Colorado Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec (Atlantic Salmon) Germany (German browns) Great Smoky Mountain National Park (Trout Grand Slam) Green RIver/Utah (Trout) Guatemala Guyana Iceland (Atlantic Salmon) Kamchatka, Russia (Steelhead) Labrador (Brook Trout) Labrador (Brook Trout) Mid West (Musky) Mongolia (Taimen) New England- (Yellow Fin Tuna) New Zealand Norther Manitoba, Canada, (Monster Pike and Lake Trout) = latest updated destination on May 25. Ponoj River, Russia Scandinavia (Pike) Seychelles Archipeligo, Indian Ocean South Florida (Peacock Bass) South Florida (Sailfish) ***Some of the above suggestions lacked specificity… feel free to educate me on the target fish to go along with the destination!
  2. This are a killer pattern in Malaysia. where boat man's caught fish commercially. the way to use it, is drop all the way down with heavy weight. Then quickly pull up. The fish will bite. then wait for 5 min then repeat.Boat man caught many fish with it. Those fiber are selling in a provision shop at the fishing village and only this color. In Indonesia ,they are using a type of green rafia string tie to a hook.This color is not sold any where, only at the fishing village. I was so surprised that so much fish caught with it. interestingly, this fibre and green rafia only work in Malaysia and Indonesia. never in my country, anybody knows why?
  3. Hello everyone. My name is Chris and I have a tying shop on the eastern end of the north fork of Long Island, Ny. I started the business by tying buck tails and am now getting more and more into tying and offering mostly saltwater flies to my customers. I deal with several charter boats and guides here on long island and in Connecticut and just picked up a new customer in san Diego! Not sure how much help I will be to people as far as instruction goes but, if anyone has any questions for me I will do my best. Just because I tie/sell fly and components commercially, it certainly doesn't mean I have all the answers. My email address is bluewaterlures at opt online dot net should anyone need to get in touch with me. I will work on completing my profile and offer other contact information there. I hope everyone is taking advantage of this nice weather and getting in some good fishing! Ok, I will do my best to check back regularly so if anyone asks anything please be patient. Thank you, have a great week. Tight lines! Chris Blue water lures
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