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  1. I finally got some foam sheets. Here are my first attempts at a frog and a grasshopper.
  2. Busy month for other fishing lures. Not much time for fly tying.
  3. Nice crease flies, Mike. I've been meaning to pick up some sheet foam just for that. I've been cranking out these little poppers today. Trying out making straw shrimp too. Finally getting the hang of it.
  4. Amazing flies, everyone! New Year's has me slacking a bit, but here's some I finished.
  5. There's a lot of good flies in this thread. The month and year is almost over. Here's a few more I tied since my last post.
  6. Clamp a split-shot sinker to the inside of that bottom hole. You can epoxy it in place too.
  7. Yeah, it has been 70F most of the day today. Tonight it is 65F. There's supposed to be 3 feet of snow and -10F this time of year.
  8. >aluminum can lures >aluminum foil Duct tape lures Novel uses! Remember that clear plastic from and source and the reflective mylar from the inside of a chip bag are great for various things from metallic ribbon to metallic/clear wings. Here's my latest batch since my last post. I'm having far too much fun with a spare pull chain for eyes. I've been accused of making muppet flies...
  9. Someone made all the flies we are very familiar with. If a new pattern works well then it can be refined into something better. Otherwise, it gets trashed. Though, there's really not much new under the sun. Thanks.
  10. Here's a few I've made this month while experimenting with various materials.
  11. >you are stirring too much No, the epoxy exits the tube all bubbly. It wasn't like that prior to being heated. Stirring can cause that, but that isn't the problem here. In fact, a lot of the bubbles disappear when stirred; since there are so many in the first place. That's quite amazing stuff. I've done this....after it was on the fly, with limited success, not before. After trying this while the epoxy is still on the stirring surface I can say that it works a great deal better. I used an air compressor instead of a straw (that moment when i realized the dubbing box was nearby and still open). I have a vacuum sealer for canning jars that would do that. I'd rig it up as a rotary jar; since only thickly epoxied flies need it and those need the rotor right away. I don't think I need to use partial vacuum though.
  12. Don't leave your epoxy too close to a space heater either. That is what happened to mine. It wasn't on at the time, but the thermostat turned it on later. Heat can remove bubbles when you have the epoxy applied very thinly (pic), but I'm applying it rather thickly (OP pics) to some flies. I have new epoxy in the mail, due to arrive today or tomorrow.
  13. I've actually considered heating the flies after applying the epoxy to increase the amount of bubbles in them as a feature. The bubbles cause them to sparkle.
  14. Using any other epoxy obviously solves the problem of everything looking better, however it does not remove the bubbles from the afflicted epoxy. I'm asking if there are any techniques of removing bubbles from uncured epoxy that I may not know about.
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