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  1. MOAL to start, in addition to cutting and prepping shanks for the month. Intruder for the Steelhead that should be arriving soon. Gonna need to remember to up the amount of ostrich on the front hackle.
  2. Truth told, I think the main factor I was considering was the use of the same flies throughout the year for both bass & steelhead. I have already scrapped that idea after all the input. No need to risk the resource with bad design and lazyness.
  3. Thank you guys for the welcome words, and I appreciate all the input here. I think I will definitely be keeping my smallmouth flies tied on the hook. This is all good assurance that I won't be missing a set. Cheers.
  4. Hi guys. I'm pretty new here, but that said I went through the search and really didn't find any information on my entry so I figured I'd post and see what information I could gather. My question is, for those who swing/strip for smallmouth, do you run trailer hook/intruder style rigs? Or am I best left to tying on a hook itself? In west Michigan where I am, I absolutely to prefer to swing, and if I can tie swing flies for both smallmouth and the migrating fish, I would prefer to do so. Of course swapping hooks when shifting seasons... but regardless of the convenience, if smallmouth will be foul-hooked more often this way then I will suck it up and tie separate flies.
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