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  1. Winter Sale Flies Photography Systems - 10% discount on any "Flies Photo Gadget" Promo code - FFG Site https://yr3d.shop Photography system "Flies photo gadget" - an interesting gadget for people who like fly tying! It is to make a beautiful picture very easy!
  2. When I shoot with a smartphone, I edit the color in the smartphone a little. When I shoot with the camera, I process it in Photoshop. Photo on smatphone and edit with smartphone))
  3. A short video showing the difference between regular photos and if using a circular light)) Flies_Photo_System_video5.mp4
  4. Hello friends)) Black vs White glass background A small test of different glasses for photographing flies. Which photo do you like best? This photo with BIG Flies Photo Gadget
  5. Hello guys)) I haven't been there for a long time, the forum turns out to be protected from Russian ip)) Some fresh photos of flies Russian nymph om Russian hook Turnflies77.mp4
  6. Little video how can you use the Flies Photo Gadget and get beautiful pictures of flies)) One week sale on all goods Promo Code Discount 11% - SALE11 Link - http://bit.do/fliesphotogadgets
  7. My friend Valera Radchenko knits very beautiful classic flies and uses it to quickly get a picture Flies Photo gadget on your phone (Samsung S8) Blog - spey-oddity.com Promo code 5% - FFG My store - http://yr3d.shop
  8. Another fishing with friends in Siberia)) Just a few photos
  9. Some beautiful Elk hair caddis Pictures with Flies Photo Gadget 2LED + Samsung NX1000 Promo code "FFG" - 5% discount Shop - http:yr3d.shop
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