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  1. Macaw I believe. I’ve used the shorter side to tie some interesting biot bodies. The longer side I leave to the salmon guys though the usually need center feather.
  2. Moshup

    C&F vise

    That J vise is very nice XPATier. I had a chance to tie on one at the Tyer’s symposium in Jersey one year which had Damascus steel jaws. Really a thing of beauty and very functional. Someday !
  3. Capt LeMay Love night fishing for many reason and fine it helpful for my Greta Garbo syndrome as “I prefer to be alone”.Only problem is I’m a wade fisherman and the mighty Whitey has increased in significant numbers up here and the beaches I fish have a very good population of seals. It adds a little spice to the game ! Lol
  4. DFoster as I share the same state as you I can confirm that the drought has brought on heartbreaking conditions not only for the fisheries but for all life that is water dependent. Sadly our weather pattern for the near future looks pretty much the same.😢
  5. Very nice interesting pattern Scott. When I took a look at it 👀 it and it made me think that it would make a great saltwater pattern when modified to something larger.
  6. Moshup

    Mayfly ID

    Very cool Mayfly
  7. I was self taught back in the day and there wasn’t much teaching material available in my neck of the woods. Helen Shaw’s book was a great help at the time.
  8. I’d give him a call as he has a lot of stuff he doesn’t post and he’s a big soft hackle guy. A ornery though.
  9. Terp After reading your post I sent a msg to Gunpowder and Eric told me they have a shipment ordered and presently waiting . He mentioned that Morus might be having a problem with the dyes. Maybe goggle Mike Hague of Eftyer . He use to carry Morus I believe and he may have some spools. The cost I’m not sure about . good luck
  10. Hey hey I resemble that remark !🙂 Go with Morus thread if looking to get as close to Pearsalls. I too do not lacquer the head as it changes the thread color. Give the thread at the head a swipe of wax.
  11. This little jewel works on the flats.
  12. BillNye nice fly. I’ll have to tie up a few.
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