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  1. I have a 2 gallon Hellman’s mayonnaise jar where the extras get deposited.
  2. Olive flymph Hook. ....... Tiemco 200R. Sz 10 Thread. ....... Utc 70. Olive Tail. ...... Cdl Body. ....... Hend peacock wrapped with horsehair Thorax. ....... Rabbit,seal,peacock ice dub Hackle. ....... Collins badger saddle,olive dyed Hungarian
  3. Fell the other day and broke my humorous which by itself is something that can be repaired however on the return of my cat scan today my shoulder is a mess which is not a surprise since I was an active skier,mtber and roadie. Over the years had some spills and shrugged them off. Well the bill was delivered today and thy’re recommending total shoulder replacement.
  4. @chugbug27 interesting game. I’m a fan of Drew Brees and I felt badly for him as he is a great quarterback. That being said there will be a Drew Bree consolation prize awarded for second placing. May take awhile to get it in the mail as my shoulder is bothersome. Had a CAT scan done yesterday and probably will get a damage report tomorrow.
  5. You’re on for the Loon Bobbin
  6. ***@chugbug27 I have an old box of Mustad Salmon hooks that I think are pretty inferior hooks but I ‘m willing to wager them with you for a bet on the Buccaneers & Saints tomorrow night. I’m sure the Saints are favored but I’ll take an even bet for something equal in value or less . Say a max 10.00 ! Interested ?
  7. It’s amazing how strong it is . I can see it being used for leaders in the past. We have some tail hair coming off that mustang that has the sheen of polar bear and takes markings quite well. If you would like a few sample hairs I can easily send them your way. Slow but cheap !
  8. @sandan @chugbug27 Thanks. I have to do quick easy stuff right now.
  9. @jaimeofthenorth very nice and you’re welcome.
  10. Shoulder is hurting. Maybe time for a little break. “Variant in the third” Hook ..... Partridge wet. Sz 16 Thread .. Pearsall’s gossamer olive tail. .... Hungarian dyed olive Body. ..... pure white mustang tail hair wrapped over oilve thread. That gave the body a nice glowing primrose effect . Nice but not what we were looking for. Used olive marker to tone it down. Hackle ..... Hungarian dyed olive
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