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  1. @niveker Thank you and actually you suggested a good idea for a post. Posting one’s favorite or prized tying material. Probably would open up a lot of conversation. How bout in the heart of tying season. January ! Also nice acquisition of the Bob White. I’m working on.getting one. Back in the day they use to run through my backyard. No more !
  2. @Sandan Nice job on the “Cross Special”. Cross’s dry flies were the best.
  3. T.E. Pritts. “Greentail” Hook. ........ Gaelic supreme soft hackle. Sz 14 Thread. ....... Pearsall’s Highlander green and grey Body. ........ Rear 2/3 rd. Highlander green. Front third grey Thorax. ........ Hare’s ear. Fairly heavy for a soft hackle Hackle. ........ Inner. Covert feather of an English woodcock
  4. Cross was like the Ty Cobb of fly tying. I heard he could be pretty ornery.
  5. @Sandan He does flyfish but is not a tyer.
  6. @Sandan Yes Craven’s tip is a good one. My nephew lives in the same town as his shop. Little did I know.
  7. @Rp3flyfisher My vote is nbr 3 among others. Very nice.
  8. @Pbass Nice. Good job on the wings. It’s not an easy dry fly with the hackle point wings and the pairing of two hackles. Do you have a small hair stacker ? You’ll find that your tailing will be much more even using one. With the dubbing less is more . Easier to add bulk than to take it away. I’m running low on my regurgitated muskrat or I’d send you some.
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