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  1. A little off topic but a Whiting Silver Cree Cape sold for 580.00 tonight on e bay. The seller always seems to be able to get these Whiting Crees and always makes out pretty well. Whiting should run down this scalping.
  2. @chugbug27 Lol. I like that . i’ll have to remember that.
  3. Thanks Captain Lemay . That’s a valued compliment coming from you.
  4. @Sandan It was great to see the guys that showed up. This was a hybrid meeting with the option of in person and zoom. We had Tim Flager as the guest speaker and tyer on zoom and it work out pretty well. We only had 9 people show up in person. People are still a little leery and Sept is a busy month for other things. That being said it’s a concern. When I joined 4 yrs ago we maybe we had a dz people show and we weren’t making enough dues money to cover the very reasonable rent for the room but 5 or 6 guys really pinched in and helped a lot myself as well and prior to the pandemic we had full tables with 40 plus tyers and we were back in the black. In fact there was discussion of needing a larger room. Unfortunately the pandemic has at least temporarily wipe out our gains. So we will see. I don’t think it would bode well for the club if we had to cancel meetings again. Lots of people are in the same boat.
  5. Don’t think I’ll ever need another vise as having the Dyna King Ultimate pretty much fits my needs. But if you are selling it let me know and I’ll ask around.
  6. I don’t think the Excalibur has been around for “years.”
  7. I’ve had a Renzetti Traveler for 25 yrs now. True to it’s name it comes with me to the clubs and when I’m on the road.
  8. The Excalibur is a fine vise in my opinion. It may take a little getting use to but it is a pleasure to tie on. Maybe you should sell it. 😊
  9. Tonight my club is having it’s first meeting since the beginning of the pandemic. Everyone attending must be vaccinated and wear a mask. No problem . Happy to be able to go and see some old faces and hopefully new ones. The pandemic has been tough on clubs that run on a shoestring budget and rely heavily on member’s dues. With declining enrollment in many organizations the inability to meet has been concerning. I for one will be happy to be back. Stay healthy everyone.
  10. @niveker Good job on the hackle wrap. That feather can be kind of “wanky”.
  11. You are referring to a Ringneck?
  12. @niveker very nice !!! Doesn’t look like pheasant neck though.
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