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  1. This coming from a guy that ties elaborate salmon flies for salmo salar whose brains aren’t much larger. 😳
  2. Moshup

    Fish Pictures

    Quite a collection Caloosa !
  3. Steve I’m thinking of starting my own publication !
  4. Moshup


    Nice vid . Thanks. I’d advise caution when going through your wife’s purse. You never know what you’ll turn. Up.😳
  5. Lol. Sounds like a proper voodoo mix ! I was going to send you a small piece Steve as I know you like your muskrat procured in unusual ways. The skin is not much larger than a large mole pelt and I’m splitting that with my friend who did a good job in dressing that small creature. I also have a large pelt of a mature muskrat and I’ll send along a healthy piece of that. It’s amazing to me the lack of knowledge and use of natural materials for dubbing these days. Most people have never used dubbing that did not come for a small plastic cubic box.
  6. Really nice sbs Chugs. I’ve been looking at muskrat flies the past few days since I had one literally fall into my lap.
  7. Capt Bob you seem to always have very nice saddles on your flies. Nice volume if I can remember correctly.
  8. Excellent. The OP should appreciate the extensive info you provided. Go with the boys that have time on the water I always say. You’re one of them.
  9. Maybe Sandan can give some advice as I know he fishes dries a lot and he may fish that kind of terrain you’re talking about. Just a note regarding Collins hackle Charlie Collins is done and won’t be raising anymore chickens so he is selling his inventory off and when he’s done he’s done. He’s got some good quality capes for someone looking to get into dries with his commercial grade and some of his colors can’t be beat. Sad that Charlie will be out of the game. He was always fair and informative. Sidling hackle has been raising some of his stock so all will not be lost.
  10. I read this nice quote on another site and thought maybe a few would appreciate it here as well. "In a way, tying is routing. Tying extends our understanding of nature. We seek the perfect pattern, even if the perfect pattern never exists. It matters only that we seek. We seek the perfect feather, the perfect method, the perfect theory. To the thoughtful tyer, it is the quest and not the pattern that matters. And in the search, fragments of fur and feather continuously transform into a new alchemy. Part of the pleasure of tying is discovery. So, we finally net more than trout. we net knowing the spotted Callibeatis, the underfur of the muskrat, the scarlet flank of a rainbow and the peent of whispering nighthawks." Darrel Martin in The Art of the Trout Fly by Judith Dunham, 1988.
  11. Those jaws make anything look good !!! That being said that’s a very nice looking soft hackle Sandan.
  12. Moshup

    Lock down

    Grumpy old men.
  13. Moshup

    Lock down

    👍 Had them too. Started eating more food with potassium and it alleviated the problem plus stay hydrated.
  14. Pulled this copy of “The Year of the Angler” out of one of many shipping boxes for a revisited. A very nice read and a reminder of what a lovely sport we participate in.
  15. Moshup

    Lock down

    It maybe a simple remedy as Mad Duck suggested. As we get older the intake of potassium in our diet becomes more important.
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