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  1. Thanks for all the feedback. Mikechell.... maybe you can help me out because you seem like a bass guy. This lake is odd and there isn’t much structure other than the shorelines. If you venture out and try to swim in the leg you just sink a few a few feet into call soft stuff. Rumour has it that there was a mill around here in the 40s. They used to take huge amounts of sawdust and put it out onto the lake in the winter and then when the ice melted it would just sink. The lake is about 5-6 feet deep and on clear days the bottom just looks baron. I’ve never seen a crayfish. Not too many minnows either. I don’t know what they are eating. The lake turns on and off as far as fishing. I did more trolling because I was hoping to figure out a pattern but can’t figure one out at all. Ecosystem seems great. Beavers, loons, turtles and snakes are often seen. This year the fall fish population seems to be up considerably. Any thoughts?
  2. Hope everyone is safe and well. i have a cottage on a small lake (0.6 miles x 0.6 miles). It’s small but has some outstanding shorelines for bass fishing on the fly. I have gotten into the habit of keeping my line in the water when I move across the lake. I only have a 2 hp motor and if I’m ‘trolling on the fly’, I will just go on the lowest speed possible and get quite a bit of success. I had recently changed spots on the lake and was fishing my new spot and I got a huge take. The smallie jumped out of the water and it was the biggest fish I have had on the line on that lake. Then he jumped again and the fly came flying out. I furiously stripped my line back and when the fly was visible I could see that the line was wrapped around the hook bend. When I grabbed the fly I saw the leader material coil up and twist like crazy. I released the fly and saw the line quickly untwisting. I know when people actually troll with spinners they use swivels, but I can’t bring myself to do that between fly fishing spots. Anyone have any suggestions on what to do other than stop trolling with a fly fishing rod, line and fly? Tight Lines!!
  3. Just a thought about the sense of belonging. I'm a male and was in my late 20s when I started to fly fish and tie my own flies. A good friend of mine took it up at the same time as me. We would go fishing every weekend and would also take weekdays off from work because the rivers were less populated. We spent hours and hours fly fishing with no skill or technique. We found that there was a fly fishing group that would get together in an old church in the city every week. We started going there and then found out about other opportunities around the city and we started to attend those fly tying groups as well. Everyone at these functions were at least double our age (no exaggeration) and most were 65+. We weren't able to relate to them and sometimes had to look the other way when comments were made about what was wrong with young people these days. Sometimes we had to ignore comments that were likely more generational than seeded in any real hate or malice. We, luckily, didn't have anything to add when the fly tying group started to discuss their monthly health developments or breakdowns. We didn't know many of the member's last names, but certainly were aware of their prostates, hearts and lungs. What kept us going back there was the fly tying and getting as good as we possibly could. I think that fly tying is a more attractive pastime to men for various reasons and I would imagine being involved in any sort of internet message forum is more likely a male pastime as well. There's nothing wrong with that. There's nothing wrong about looking at ourselves and this site to see if there is something that we are doing to make it less welcoming for women. I do think that anyone that loves the craft of fly tying will overlook some of these mostly innocent comments to get the information they are seeking.
  4. Hope everyone is well I had posted about fly tyer magazine a few weeks back and flytire had taken a picture of the Fly Tyer Pattern Bible, so of course I had to try and find one. Surprisingly enough I found a copy on Etsy. It was a hard copy version with a few surprises that I’d like to share. My theory is that it was a gift to current subscribers at that time. I have attached photos for you to take a look at and tell me if you think a subscriber gift is a reasonable origin story. When I opened it up there were loose papers that I’ve also included. They are basically subscriber mail-ins encouraging recipients of the bible to get their friends to subscribe. As some of you know I’m trying to get a complete set of Fly Tyer magazine so this was a great find for me. Tight lines!!
  5. The rod is Sage’s Largemouth Rod that is 7 feet and 11.5 inches long. It came with the custom line which is graded at 330 grain. The line is now 8 years old I need to replace it.
  6. Fallfish it is!!! Caught quite a few this week.
  7. Hope everyone is well I bought the Sage Largemouth rod the first year it came out. Came with a 330 grain, front heavy line. I need to change the line but have no clue where to start. The 330 grain rating would convert to 11 weight line. Seems like way too much and I think the grain measurement is on the front loaded line. Any suggestions as to what line to replace this with? Ryan
  8. Fishing on my small cottage lake tonight and I catch three of these in a row. The lake has bass (smallmouth 95% and largemouth 5%) and panfish. Was using a white and black Wooly Bugger It has a wide mouth that looks like it is directed downward. Anyone know what it is? Ryan
  9. Thank you all for all the helpful answers
  10. Oh wow. Great suggestions all round. I will keep you posted!!! Tonight will be spent listening to the Leaf game on the radio and experimenting with the squirmy worm. That’s after fishing for the night of course. Gotta love the cottage.
  11. Good afternoon everyone, I tied up some squirmy worms for the first time recently. Thought that they would be great for panfish up at the cottage. Used normal 6/0 thread that I always use. Tied up 6 or so and put them in a fly box. Looked at them the next day and the rubber just snapped in places. Then got a tip to use Glo-brite as the tying thread. Could feel the difference right away while tying. This time it took 2 days but they are snapped again. But as an aside, the Glo-brite is great to tie with im tying it like a San Juan really. Tie in a tail of desired length and then wrap the hook shank with the rest worm and tie off a head portion of rubber. They break where the wrapped portion of the shank is tied off at either the head or tail. I don’t think that I wrap it too tight, but tight enough that the body doesn’t look lumpy. But obviously it’s too tight. any tips?
  12. Excuse my ignorance but why would you want to split your thread? To make a dubbing or hackle loop?
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