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  1. February in the south (Texas) marks the beginning of the whitebass-sandbass spawning run and this is the fly of choice for many flyfishers. At the heart of every clouser is a very simple tie great for beginners and more seasoned fly tyers to stock up on this effective fish catching fly. The clouser can be tweaked to better suit most any fishing conditions by adjusting the size, weight, color and flash to match the hatch or to stand out from the herd. This fly works for most any predator fish that preys on baitfish.
  2. I deal with this type of "Host & Hosting" problem often in the corporate WAN environment .. it is likely due to limited resources (bandwidth) and peak traffic times at any point between the hosting server, network and the routing of clients from many different carriers.. Those that have the shortest route to the host will always get the best service. One trick is to run your browser in "incognito" mode to reduce the "tracking" function of most browsers. There is so much "security" always running in the background of any well protected computer and network that there is very little resource left in the average "internet connected device" to do the work you need to get done. At the desktop computer level 16GB of memory is the minimum and installing a SSD (solid state drive) in place of the typically mechanical hard drive brings the average computer up to a point where it runs well, anything less and the wait time goes up as does user frustration. Smart phones are little more than high priced computers on a cellular network where the speed varies greatly and cost of data is highest. This is the "free puppy" way of doing business...
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