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  1. cencalfly

    What’s cooking

    Sorry Norm but Squatch could be what's on the menu in the pacific northwest :). https://www.homesteadwa.com/items/the-squatch. Never said we're right in the mind. Nonetheless Squatch rules and should be always invited.
  2. cencalfly

    What’s cooking

    I must of missed this but dang that looks good.
  3. cencalfly

    What’s cooking

    You done got me all fired up now! Now that looks tasty and so good. Motivation! Never thought of smoking a meatloaf. I'd bet any day that is great. When can you start shipping that across the Country? I too make my own BBQ sauce and rubs. I would sometimes use Mclintocks BBQ sauce. It used to be very local from San Luis Obispo, CA. Their original restaurant in downtown SLO is one of the best. They opened another restaurant in Pismo Beach. Although local fame kind of made it pedestrian. I'm more of the original F. Mclintocks Saloon kind of person :). The BBQ sauce is still good and can be used in a pinch. I got a cherry pie going in the oven this morning. Made the pie crust dough and pitted the cherries yesterday. Time to assemble and bake. Tonight is standing rib roast for dinner. Man I'm getting fat. A piece of pie and some cold cream at the top milk (https://www.strausfamilycreamery.com/products/milk-and-cream/organic-cream-top-whole-milk/) as dessert is to die for. Literally :). My wife is going to rue the I day I retired. We have a lot of cherry orchards around here so they're fresh. Next is peach pie with peaches from Masumoto farms https://www.masumoto.com/ . They're just down the road from us.
  4. I have Merriam Turkey flats that I thought about using but again, good ones are spendy and hard to get. I'm going to have to bite the bullet and go with what's at hand. Just take my time and move with purpose. Think it through. My son is a turkey hunter so I may be able to get good feathers. Focus on technic first I guess. With everything moving to internet sales you don't get to look and see the feathers in person. It's a crap shoot. The stores and most the staff of the stores that I built relationships with (including internet) are disappearing. Much like this site. I tied several times to respond to your input but alas many attempts went south. Like my fly tying.
  5. I'm working on the historical ways of tying bronze mallard wings on Spey flies. Specifically reversed tied and folded back. Riding high and swept back above the body and not close to the fly body as is modern practice. Good bronze mallard feathers are not cheap or easy to come by. I don't want to waste what I have on hand for practice. There are a lot oops and waste. Below is pic of the wing style I'm working on. Still want the upside-down keel with a bit of separation of the left and right side. Are there good alternate feathers that I can used for practice that is both readily available and not costly? I might have it in my material inventory just don't know the best place to start.
  6. Well done. Catching on a fly you tied just adds to it so much.
  7. Got a great set of flies today. Thanks for hosting TT. All flies on time and quick turnaround. A new tyer and swapper also. Kim would've loved it.
  8. I can assure you that If I get out to fish I'll have plenty of flies. Take care of you and yours. Don't worry or concern yourself about fly swaps or such things. Get well and be well.
  9. Thank you for the update Steve. I certainly appreciate Will continuing to foot the bill and also understand that forums don't happen in a vacuum. They have got to be a lot of work to keep. Its been mentioned before that maybe he or someone could add a subscription service to the site. I subscribe (pay) to other forums. Then he doesn't have to eat the cost alone. He ran a heck of a fly tying forum. I don't think another could have matched this site in its heyday. It has, and continues, to solidify my love for tying and offers so much. I do hope things are well with him.
  10. My mistake/mix-up. My internet posting skills are lacking at times.
  11. Somebody edited my original post but it still holds true: Simply, where are you bud. I hope you're ok What do you need
  12. I found this family/site many years ago. I think it was 2008 or so. I love fly fishing and fly tying. Smallie you're on Facebook. Where are you?
  13. We've offered personal support. we've offered content support. Sh..t, we've offered money This is a family formed many years ago. All have gone through much. Some have died or gone through life things that are quantifiable. We'll ,we're still here though (the core).
  14. Any Precision shooters out there? I have the 1911s and 22lr pistols for bullseye that are pretty darn good. Way better than me. Picked up another Beretta 92FS/M9 today. It’s a good reliable accurate pistol out of the box. I have one in the safe already. Getting this one to accurize for bullseye/precision shooting. Out of the box most will do 3-inchs at 50 yds. We’ll see if it can be honed to 2 or less inches at 50 yards. I’ll need to feed it good ammo. I reload so I’ll develop a round specific to this firearm. Which is way better then the person on the dumb (dangerous) end of the pistol 😊. A lot of respect for those precision shooters. Note ladies and gents: These goals are not for self defense at 7yds or so. This is a marksmanship goal.
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