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  1. First post has been updated. Two spots left. All are welcome
  2. I apologize for being a jerk on how I stated my thoughts. My people skills are lacking and there's much room for improvement. It really is a great fly.
  3. I'm not game here. Is this a challenge or is it a throw down of something that's in your arsenal? Great fly no doubt. That thing is the Sh-t. I'm not worthy. Why play. If you can reply within minutes of a challenge did you tie the fly for this or are you throwing up a picture you have in your database? Maybe not the best way to invite and welcome newbies or beginners. Have fun gents. This bystander is duly impressed. I may be wrong but maybe we should look at the intent of the thread and then try to play along. I don't have good people skills by the way and could have said this better I'm sure. It really is a great fly.
  4. Well crap Bob. This whole getting older thing comes with fine print. Take care and take care of it. I can certainly wait for the flies. If we can't wait for flies that are from a voluntary participation party we're missing something.
  5. No worries. You can be assured it wont go over 12. I don't see the number of swappers changing.
  6. Here is a link to a good discussion and instructions on the nymph https://davewhitlock.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/RFSHN-story-and-tying.pdf Whitlock's Red Fox Nymph Hook: #10 Mustad 3906B Thread: Orange Uni Abdomen: Whitlock SLF Dubbing (RFSN- Abdomen) Thorax: Blend of Australian Opossum and charcoal Antron dubbing Rib: Small gold oval tinsel Tail: Tuft of hair from the rump area of a red fox squirrel Hackle: Partridge Next fly challenge is - Don Martinez Black Nymph
  7. You are correct sir. It can be changed if people would like.
  8. I just tied some Red Fox Squirrel Hair Nymphs very close Mr. Whitlock's design. He offered up options or alternatives in his pattern recipes (see link below). Which I used. Mr. Whitlock was a very accomplished tier and angler. He studied his craft. Which was catching fish and the best way to succeed at it. Hence some exceptional fly designs, equipment contributions, and angling technics. Here's a link discussing the Red Fox Nymph (https://davewhitlock.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/RFSHN-story-and-tying.pdf ). He offers up substitutions in that. As a side note: Sometimes adhering to an original design is impractical if not outright illegal. I tie steelhead flies. Often trying to replicate the original design to the extent possible. Those old timers used some materials not available anymore or presently flat out illegal. Polar bear for one was widely used amongst other things. I do have some pre 1972 polar bear that I use in tying for my personal use. I keep the CITES certification and all. A while back on this forum there was a problem when some ties/materials crossed an international border. A customs agent decided to give it a looksie. Some of the materials had an international ban for use. It was done innocently but It put the person doing the shipping into a world of grief. Having said all that, a swap that has replications using original materials and design may be a good one to contemplate. Those swap flies will end up in a display. Something to consider as I'm game. This one though, do the best we can.
  9. By all means substitute if need be. Try to stay close to the original to the extent possible. What that is ???
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