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  1. Absolutely, when you're dealing with those pesky power outages, it's really worth looking into appliances like refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioning units that come with those fancy advanced CPU capabilities. These smart appliances tend to have some nifty power management tricks up their sleeves, giving you better control over temperatures and saving energy in the process. Keep an eye out for models that let you tweak cooling settings and even have energy-saving modes. And here's a cool thing: some of these systems even come with alarms that'll give you a heads-up about temperature changes when the power's acting up. This kind of tech can seriously help keep your stuff in top shape and keep you comfy during those storm-induced blackouts. So, remember to factor in your trusty fridge or freezer when exploring options!
  2. 'Fly Tying Bible is a great Trout' is my personal favorite.
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