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  1. great looking flies!! i tie them up to sz 18 as well in various colors (red, black, green, lime green....) keep em comin!
  2. great looking flies!! i tie them up to sz 18 as well in various colors (red, black, green, lime green....) keep em comin!
  3. These produce some fish here, so I thought I'd try to copy 'em. What do you guys think? Thanks!!
  4. Well finally had a chance to fish these today! the red copper john pulled out this! ~22 rainbow!! THANKS EVERYONE!!
  5. Well after looking at the proper way, I tried to do it (minus the legs). I don't think its worth the effort as I tend to lose to many flies at it is. I tried to taper the body on these more. I tried to do a different background for the pic, but couldn't get them to turn out good. Anyways, how are these??? Thanks, once again!!
  6. Joe, Thanks for the link. Arkle, I agree, maybe i should start with the original and go from there, that will be on the list to do when i sit down to tie next. Joe Hard, ill work on the taper of the bodies, I try to but not enough i guess. thanks for the other tips. DIn
  7. First I want to thank all of you who take the time to respond to everyones questions. I know I greatly appreciate everyones help and suggestions, as I have no one to compare my flies to, or tie with. Here's some pheasant tails I tied up. How do they look? I think they are not bad for my 1st attempt. Question about the wings, what i have done is just split them hold them back and wrap with thread wraps, is that okay? doesnt seem right to me when im doing it....
  8. Arkle, Thanks for the kind words. Glad that I am making progress, spent enough money so I was hoping to make some progress!! The dubbing thing you have described sounds a bit complicated, but when I get a chance I will try to figure it out. Dubbing drives me nuts already!! either too much or not enough....AARRGHHH!! I will try to find the article on "CJ's". DO you know the name of the tyer?? Thanks again, Din
  9. Thanks guys, Haven't learned how to do a dubbing loop, may have to look into that. thanks for the tip. im was using 8/0 thread, but i tend to make heads bigger b/c im afraid of them being too small and not strong enough! Thanks again Here's some copper john's I tied just recently as well. they seem to work with what I do!!
  10. Tied these in sizes 12,14 and 16. Used both olive and grey dubbing. Opinions welcome!!
  11. Din

    1st EHC

    Just tied up 2 of these, but figured I should stop and see if I need to change something! Tried my best with my camera, but interested to see what you guys think!! Thanks, once again!
  12. heres a link I found on YouTube to tie a clouser. If anyone is interested. http://youtube.com/results?search_query=bo...p;search=Search
  13. Smokinprice, Sorry I missed ur question. I just went for it. Looked at a normal wooly bugger then just thought I'd try throwing a conehead on. The 1st ones I tied w/o coneheads, stunk and fell apart right away, and I have yet to try these out yet. Sorry, that prolly doesnt help!!
  14. Harold, I was using grizzley hackle. For some reason I couldnt get the individual fibres to seperate when I wrapped it. I did three full turns at the head then tied it off. I also used the grizzley for the tail, b/c I didn't have any maribou feathers. Mike, I wasn't having problems with the thread breaking. But now I see, as ppl have pointed out, the get rid of the gap b/w the eyes and bucktail, and I think that should eliminate the problem. Thanks
  15. Hairstacker, thanks for tips. I will give them a whirl and see how it turns out. U have it right how I tied in the bucktail. THe reason I did it was so I could get the thread in place then have a easier verticle pull on the bucktail(if that makes sense). A couple of the ones I tied I used a ridiculus amount of material, and this one is probably the least that I had used, so I will still try to eliminate some and see how it turns out. THanks again
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