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  1. online only. nothing available locally or without traveling to a 'chain' significantly away from me. if i had my way..................or won the lottery. I would buy one of the old closed shops in a historic district part of town, open up a fly shop that sells flys, tying equip, rods, reels, and on the side pipe tobacco and expensive cigars. yes sir, my job would be to tie flys, tell some lies, goof off..................and sell things at a loss on purpose. camoham
  2. like that one a lot deeky. creative use of the biots. definately a fan of that color flymaster.......have a couple spools myself. sharp looking fly camoham
  3. very nice work! i too like the yellow ones. camoham
  4. fox, i actually bought one but only God knows why. plenty of abundant roadkill around here. cant turn a street without seeing one flatened out. camoham
  5. as always, very elegant. i like that a lot. camoham
  6. alright gang, with the finishing of baseball season over...............i had time to tie some new candidates of my favorite fly. i neglected to put that its a sz 10 hook. this is my bluegill pattern that gets hammered in my neck of the woods. i dont know what it imitates in the pond..............but it really must look like something thats present there. i will admit the sunday before last, not a single blue hit it (water temp roasty?). LMB's were! one small................and another larger that broke me off and took my lovely fly. (need to use more than 2lb tippet if the monsters are not going to play nice i guess). this is the fly ive mentioned on several occasions when you see the posts................."whats your go to bluegill fly". there! i finally posted it! as mentioned i use cheap hobby store saddle on this one..............just seems to work. and yes im fully aware that the proportions are not 'text book' sizes..............and purposely so. this is what has worked on my favorite get-away place. this is always my first fly tyed on...........ive never not had a bite on this one. i would highly recommend tying this one! good evening gents. camoham
  7. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by camoham: Chanticleer Fiddle
  8. as always, nice. i need to post on of my fav. softs.............whenever i get time to tie and post a few. baseball season? camoham
  9. a lot of jazz. frank, ella, louis, etc. Primarily RUSH (listened to an oldie...............'farewell to kings ('77)' this morning. i have a lot of odd taste in music. camoham
  10. camoham


    i like that one a lot deeky! wicked tie! camoham
  11. i like that one! thank god for soft hackles! camoham
  12. Apparently sound transmits faster in water than in gases! who knew? Next topic: Angel Falls camoham
  13. My real name is Generalissimo Giuseppe Ignatiev Spring Morrison De la Plata. Si! any kin to ingo mantoya? camoham
  14. tough one................assuming just one fly................... in my waters........ id go with the soft hackle gill fly i made. really simple. i need to post pics of it sometime. size 10 3906. brown schlappen usually used for the tail. peacock herl body. twisted/furled copper/brass wire with one strand of flash wrapped forward. cheap saddle hackle collar that doesnt not float (completely oversized and unappropriate for the hook size and gape) swept back when finishing the head off. but then again, id be tempted to choose my simple deer hair caddis in all sizes. ive been stacking the hair backwards lately to even up all the tips prior to lashing them on. camoham
  15. That made me whimper just reading it. Having removed many nasty ones in the ER I've found it best to push through and either crush the barb or chop it off before removing just like you did camoham. You can numb it up a bit with some ice to ease the pain if you like. yep, evaluating the injury streamside...........i resisted the urge to yank it out. it wasnt going anywhere by simple testing. it took a lot of patience to calmly deduce that would create a heckuva wound. i figured a simple in-out injury in the end would be less painful.............although i wont lie comming back out was no fun at all. thank god the wife has nice nails to push on each side of the barb. still good to go today. 2 red dots with no pain or swelling. yep ill be fishing barbless from now on for the above listed reasons (fishboy). if hooked really good i would not suggest the pressure/line yankiing method. just my two cents. this injury was not 'stuck' but rather honestly 'hooked'. about 3/4ths the hook/bend was gone inside the pinky. for what its worth my son said "rub some dirt on it" (thats what i always tell him) camoham
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