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  1. Love it!!! Great tie :headbang: Howard
  2. Stunning ties, and given your age you do better than some of the older folks, i would say someone got you off one the right foot :thumbup: Howard
  3. beautiful tie, love the colors, looks real fishy :thumbup: Howard
  4. Beautiful fly, makes me want to dig out my eyed pheasant feathers!! Howard
  5. My Girl like's Green so i decided to do a dee in green just for her. I haven't posted anything fo awhile, spent the summer fishing the North Umpqua mostly and did pretty decent, kinda surprised me what patterns the fish started picking up on later in the season, good thing i was prepared for that. Anyway, here is the fly i did for my girl.
  6. Nice fly, why save it for winter? Howard
  7. Reminisant of an Allcock hook that used to be used here years ago, they aren't available any more. Howard
  8. Looks nice and bright for high water and the winter! Howard
  9. Willowhead; Someday you'll have to put us on your list too, we have a great river for dries, esp. since they changed the regs. on the North Umpqua to no weighted flys and no attachments during the summer. Kinda like fishing in the old days before everybody discovered lead and eggs, and brings more people up to the same level. Not much chance of flossing here. Howard
  10. Looking good Jens, dries, that is my favorite way to fish for steelhead too! Howard
  11. Looking good to me. Howard
  12. Jens; The wing will probably fish better anyway, it won't fall apart. nice tie by the way. It would fish well here too! Howard
  13. I had it tied a little different the first time I tied it, but now it's tied to Joe Howell's recipe, he has done very well with this pattern over the years, and it's one of his favorites.
  14. The teal, wing, JC, and head are all redone. Howard
  15. I tied this fly about 20 years ago and it's been fished a couple of times. Originally it had a turkey wing and I didn't like it that way. this is one of about 1/2 doz. speys I reserected last night. I really like how this one turned out and I have a special pool it's going to swim in agian and maybe bring me a fish this time? I'm posting two pictures because I coudn't capture all the contrast with the same background.
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