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  1. Been working on Copper Johns and have a question. When I bring the Flashabou strand and Thin Skin over the Herl and tie off I have been having a hard time snipping all the excess Thin Skin off the back of the fly. Is there any trick or hint anyone can offer to help? I have been trying to post a picture illustrating exactly what I am talking about, but haven't been able to get a clear focused picture of the fly...still working on it. I have been trying to tie the Think Skin down very tightly and then stretching the excess material, but it always come about rather "block" formed and there is a little material that is too small to snip but hangs onto the bead of the fly. I have looked at some CJ's at the local shops and some have the same problem and some are perfectly cut. What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks
  2. Thanks guys. I ended up getting a Peak Vise and I absolutely love it. I appreciate all the help!
  3. Yeah, plethora of information and recommendations! Right on guys, looks like I will have to do some research on the vises mentioned here. After speaking with the local fly shops I wasn't aware that there were as many options. They all tried to sell me $500 Renzetti's - which would be nice, though too expensive for me now. I appreciate all the help!!
  4. Danvise. Okay, I will check that out. Thanks for the input!
  5. Hey everybody. I am in need of a new vise and am looking to upgrade from my beginner kit vise. My only problem is that I am on a really tight budget right now and can't afford more than $100-$150. Is that to little to get a decent vise? I am still learning but wouldn't consider myself a beginner anymore by any means; however I am not pro. I would like to get a rotary vise, if possible, in that price range. I stopped by my local fly shops and was rather overwhelmed. I was hoping anyone here might have had good experiences with vises in this range and could possible recommend one? Thanks guys!
  6. Din, I sent you a private message when you get a chance.
  7. jmkratt

    float tubing

    Sniksoh, I too am looking at the Fish Cat 4, I have heard great things about it. I had an old caddis belly boat, but the bladder is beyond repair so I am going to get a new tube. Where'd you find it online for that price? That's a good deal.
  8. A co-worker of mine recommended Orvis rods. I was under the impression that Orvis stuff was over-priced and not necessarily worth it - is that true?
  9. :hyst: flopez, that was pretty funny. However, she herself has brought the idea up more than a couple times so I figured I'd be safe pursuing it. However, that being said, I like your idea of contributing to my gear collection and gaining brownie pts at the same time. I will have to put some thought to that. Looks like Cabela's is the place to go, thanks everyone!
  10. Right on, that's where I started my search. Looks like they have quite a few rod/reel combos as well. I appreciate the input!
  11. My wife has expressed interest in fly fishing when we go camping in the Rockies by lakes and I was thinking about getting her a rod for her birthday coming up here that she could start learning on this summer. She would really only be fishing high alpine stillwater with her time split between the shore and float tube. I was wondering if anyone here had good experiences with a beginner-type rod that might suit her fancy and might be able to recommend a rod? Any input would be appreciated! Thanks everyone.
  12. Howard, thanks for the invite - I will check it out. I know I have several weddings in July but it'd be nice to fish the Arkansas with you guys! I know where Superior is, my younger sister lives right off 36 in Broomfield. Thanks for your help, too. EDIT: Howard, I appreciate the invite, however I do in fact have my wife's uncle's wedding the 14th which is right in the middle of your trip. Thanks again though - have fun and good luck!
  13. Cutthroat, yeah I am here in Castle Rock - how about yourself? I also don't need much encouragement to get a new floattube, though I am sure my wife would tell you differently. I was looking into a U tube, myself. Thanks for the clarification!
  14. No water moccasins here, though when I lived in TX I used to see them out fishing all the time.
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