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Found 4 results

  1. Hey all, just a newbie in the fly tying world, building the skills set and techniques one fly at a time, experimenting with patterns for smallmouth that eat just about anything. Looking to meet and learn from others with similar afflictions. I have been hooked on fly fishing for a few years (wading and kayaking), and got bit by the tying bug within the past year as well. I fish NJ, NY, CT, PA and other locales when I need to reset to the natural rhythm of life.
  2. On our 2nd day fishing in the gulf, we decided to try and kayak to find fish. The day before we saw many fish popping the top out of casting and wading reach. So we figured if we got out to where they were, we would catch some. We were wrong. This day was super slow. I got 5 perch, and Johnny got a small rat red. Not what I usually expect on fishing trips in the gulf. I usually catch fish left and right. However, that storm that came through before my trip down to the gulf really sent many of the fish deep, and the ones we did see weren't as active as usual. http://youtu.be/alP8Ytf_5EY
  3. perused the forum and found many topics on kayaking from the standpoint of kayak selection. I am currently looking to replace my 7 wt fly line, and my primary mode will be river fishing smallies from kayak (Tarpon 120, which I dearly love for 5 years now). I will always be seated, which generates my question, in that I cast from a seated position that is low/close to the water. Although I've done fine with the Orvis bottom of line flyline of 8 years ago (I don't even remember the model), I want a line I can punch out a lot of distance (50-70 ft regularly) with heavy streamers/baitfish and poppers with the least possible line out in my backcast (i.e. shorter head), and minimize false casting. Looking for the ability to load and fire quickly as it were as I float down a river. I was thinking a shorter head, such as in a Rio outbound shorty, would offer a nice compact head to get the best distance for the casting stroke. I do need some control for fishing my crayfish and nymphs, but most of my throws will be the baitfish and surface bugs and poppers. I use an Orvis T3 9 foot rod. A local shop has recommended the Rio smallmouth bass line, and I was going to get that, but second thoughts due to the kayak - want the best line to support easy distance casting from that platform. I'm going to see what my shop has to say on that aspect tomorrow, but I enjoy the feedback of the experienced folks here in this forum. I'm wondering what experience folks have with the Rio line in a 7 or 8 wt, especially if you have kayak experience. I also use the 7 wt for pond and lake fishing (secondary). Thanks all!
  4. my new toy/tool i will now be ripping lips away from the bank so excited picked this bad boy up off of craigslist have yet to get it out on the water due to work but i will be sure and let yall know how it rides kayaking and fly fishing go so well together. and it fits so nice on my little tc also
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