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  1. Yeah seems like a soft hackle fly for sure. Not sure how that stays dry though, no hackle or CDC. I guess the soft hackle itself will keep it on top of the water when using floatant?
  2. This is a really interesting dry fly that ive tied quite a few times for a customer of mine named Andrew. Very nice fellow, and this is one of his go to patterns that catches him tons of brown trout. The CDC tuff keeps this on top of the water, and im guessing it looks like a struggling spider. However I don't know exactly. It seems to work wonders for him. I did not come up with this pattern, I believe its one commonly used in Europe somewhere. However I had no problem tying it for him when he asked me to. He goes out to Ireland and fishes there regularly, and would stock his box up at a fly shop out there. However since Covid, he has not had a chance to go visit in a while. So I provide him with the flies he has confidence in. Very interesting pattern, one I will have to give a go with next time im out trout fishing. He fishes up in Connecticut and the surrounding area up there.
  3. Gurglers are a great fly for top water fishing. They are similar to poppers in that they do spit water. But I find them easier to tie, and seem to give an even more incredible action than just simple poppers. They are probably my go to for top water fishing around where I live. And the bass love them. Tied in smaller sizes, they can be great for sunfish as well. And of course they make great saltwater flies for speckled trout and any other fish that hits top water.
  4. Some gamechangers in sizes 1 and 4 hooks.
  5. Oh it’s great stuff man! Check it out. Useful in many applications.
  6. I designed this Squishy Head Streamer to move frantically side to side like a dying baitfish. The dry fly dubbing, and the cone of flexible UV resin on the front of the fly really give a unique movement unlike any other fly pattern. I fish this on a sink tip line, where it will float slightly above it. This will give a more lifelike action, and keep it from snagging on the bottom as well when fished slowly in shallow areas. It can be tied in any color patterns to mimic most baitfish. I have tied it in perch, sunfish, and a couple of different shad colors. It works great for all imitations. While it is not the easiest fly in the world to tie, it isn't too difficult, and the difficulty is worth it because it catches fish very well. I have caught smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, trout, and even some saltwater fish as well on it.
  7. Stimulators are a classic pattern that just works amazingly. It has been in the boxes of many dry fly fisherman since the 80's, and is still popular today. In fact its one of the most effective patterns for much of the west. It can mimic a stonefly or caddis. According to a few online sources (evergreentrout.org, and flyfishersinternational.org) it was created by Randall Kaufmann who loosely based his design off of the fluttering stonefly made by Jim Slattery, which itself was based off of a pattern called the sofa pillow by Pat Barnes in the 1940's which is very close to the stimulator we have today. So this pattern has been in some ways been developed and improved since the 40's. Personally I like tying these in all black with red wire ribbing, this orange color, yellow, olive, and brown. They are all great colors to mimic specific forages in different rivers and seasons. I like to flatten the wing a little, as to not have it poof up as much as some you see online. The hackle choices also are important. I really like to down size the hackle for this fly, as it will sit better in the water that way, and in my opinion looks better.
  8. My son Elijah is learning to fish very well. Finally he is getting the cast down, and loves it when we catch fish. Even if it as a small little community pond, kids love to fish. It doesn't matter if its a small sunfish or monster bass. Kids love it. We were lucky, after trying multiple spots, we finally found some bass. Lots of little ones around a rock, and one pretty nice one popped out and grabbed the streamer as well. It was fun for both me and Eli.
  9. cool fly, so it seems to me in some cases this would be necessary and very effective to change the visibility like that. I think it depends on many factors. Clarity of the water, type of baitfish your mimicking, etc.
  10. Naw bro, it’s all good. Let the conversations roll
  11. Thank you Mark. I would think white might bleach easier.
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