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  1. Thanks man! I appreciate it.
  2. My worst subject in school was history. But I aced all my math stuff... haha!
  3. hey guys, thank you both, glad you liked the video. I unfortunately did not ever meet him. And I being younger than a lot of the guys on here don’t know all these back stories of the original tiers of classic patterns. I know flies, just don’t always know all the info of the individuals who originally tied them. A while back when I first started this video thing, I would say a thing or two about the original tiers of each fly, that usually I found online, or heads down the grapevine. Sometimes this info would be wrong since it’s not first hand knowledge. So I stopped. Hope that doesn’t offend anyone. I in no way want to disrespect the original tiers by not mentioning them, but I also don’t want to disrespect them by giving wrong info either.
  4. This small top water gurgler is a fly that has caught me lots of fish over the last few trips. There are a lot of little frogs that are hopping all over the place, and they are light colored. I had a yellow version of this and caught so many fish it was insane! Bass, Sunfish, even some rio cichlids on my last trip. So here is a video of me tying a couple of these for my next trip. I can't wait to get these out on the water, and catch some more of these really fun fish! I used a 3wt to cast this, and it casted very easily. They are like poppers, but much more wind resistant. I suggest giving gurglers a try if you plan on fishing any small ponds, or rivers with sunfish or bass in them.
  5. Some soft hackles in bright colors for sunfish.
  6. Some bully bluegills in multiple colors.
  7. Ha for sure! As a fisherman though I have to say, the heart sinks a little when I see a fish biting and he doesn’t set. Hahahaha! I didn’t realize I was so verbal with my grown until listening back to it. Just I really wanted him to catch a fish of his own. Lol!
  8. Thanks Bryon! Lol. I’m really not the best dad though, I get quite frustrated of late, now that we are all stuck in the same little apartment together, he isn’t going to school, I’m his teacher and father and even kinda mother as well right now (mom is a nurse and they are working her to the bone). Kinda all me really... So yeah I have been known to do some yelling lately. I don’t like it, it bothers me. Working on it no question though. My son is a good kid, he has what they call “in the spectrum” of autism basically. So he can be difficult at times. But has a heart of gold and is very loving. He will do just fine when he gets older, just gotta get him over the hump.. haha
  9. Fly fishing on a river has different challenges than just a small lake. I really wanted to take my son out to the river to catch some fish, so he could start to learn how to deal with them. While he has a lot to learn, I do feel he did very well and im proud he listened to me for the most part. Well I guess until the end when I was trying to say good buy to you all. HAHA. But I was the same way. I never could stop talking, heck I still can't. And neither can he. Thats ok though, hope it wasn't too difficult to get through that section of the video. I appreciate you all coming along with us again for another outing. I need to try and take my son more often, but I only get to go fishing once or twice a month so, sometimes he has to come along. Anyway, below is the links to the boots and the rods.
  10. Absolutely I agree. However the Rio Grande Ciclid is a native. Its the only native ciclid of North America. I myself though am all about fishing for carp (which for the most part are invasive in many places), and other invasive species. So I totally agree with your assessment.
  11. Size 30 on the gamakatsu hook. I like the large eye. This is next to a size 14 of the same fly.
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