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  1. It really was, been dreaming of that spot at the end ever since. Planning another trip down there to just hit that spot next time.
  2. Ive fished for bluegill tons. Well sunfish in general. Check out some of my other videos. Lots of small creek and lake fishing in south texas. For bass, bluegill, etc...
  3. Yes it can. However lots of people wade here. Just gotta do the stingray shuffle. Still not fool proof though, and yes there is a small likelihood of getting hit by a stingray. However, the sharks are a different story, they are there. Same with alligators. So just gotta keep your eye out, and hope/pray for the best.
  4. I finally hooked one of these amazingly powerful fish on the fly. It took off like crazy and ended up bending the hook I was fishing. Last week I put up a video that was on the previous day's fishing and I didnt catch much except a stingray, some skipjack and a bunker. And even though this day started out slow, and I only had a couple hours to fish, I finally ended up hooking into my target species, the redfish. The flats we found were absolutely picture perfect. The reds were chasing bait, and there were quite a few all around. They were tailing all over the place, and readily eating. Granted I found out that they did not want the fly to move too much and would get scared when I stripped near them. Johnny ended up hooking into a really nice red, pushing about 26 inches after slowing down his retrieve. I ended up finally hooking a spunky little red when I slowed down the retrieve also. It was an amazing day, and I cannot express how happy I am to finally hook into one of these fish. It took off so fast, that it gave my stripping finger line burn, and I bent the hook. It was amazing! If I had tied the fly myself, on a stronger hook, I would have brought that fish in. BTW, for any of you who think adding scent is cheating, I get that. However I don't really think its fully cheating. The reds have good noses and can smell anything off with the flies. So, when I am adding super glue or resin to keep the flies more durable, it alerts them to something being off about the fly. It doesn't smell like food to them, and they are more reluctant to bite. This scent is made to mimic shrimp, and both Jonny and I swear by it. It not only masks the glues, it adds the scent that reds are looking for in their food.
  5. Yeah, I have heard stories of those stingray’s, seems very painful. The barb doesn’t want to come out due to the way it’s shaped. Little barbs angling rearward like a fish hook barb. A buddy of mine hooked a hard head catfish once and it went right through the center of his hand. Had to yank it out. I used to work as a deck hand on boats in the gulf and just about everyone there ended up with the flesh eating bacteria. We would all be on antibiotics regularly because of wounds starting to get infected. Very dangerous. Yeah I mentioned in the video I was wearing waders because of that. Even small mosquito bites can turn into something bad. For sure be careful!
  6. I did end up cutting the leader actually. Lol! He took my fly with him. Hope he can get it off before it kills it.
  7. Ok this time it worked. Not sure why it keeps not giving the full video option on my first posts.
  8. Fly fishing anywhere has its risks, but fishing in the gulf has its own unique sets of safety challenges. Down in corpus there are alligators, sharks, flesh eating bacteria, heat exhaustion, and stingray's. Stingrays are everywhere, especially this time of year. You risk stepping on them which I almost did on this trip a few times, and their spike will go through any boot or waders. I didnt think about it when I tried to catch this stingray, but how do I take it off the hook without getting whipped by its tail? This trip really had a few other challenges. I got double booked on the hotel I reserved and being a holiday weekend, there just was nothing available anywhere near the coast. I also struggled most of the day with heat exhaustion as it was 100 degrees through most of the afternoon. I didnt catch a lot of fish, and none on the first day were any of my target species, redfish and speckled trout. But I did catch what I think was a baby jack crevalle, and a few skip jack. I also hooked into a speckled trout but lost it. Unfortunately I wasn't filming and it got off before the camera could turn on. However, the 2nd and final day of my trip to corpus, my luck changed. Johnny and I did finally get into our top target species, redfish. We found some beautiful water in the flats that held some tailing reds. I cannot wait to go back and fish that spot again soon. So check back next week for the conclusion of this trip, where Johnny and I get into some of those amazingly strong redfish. https://youtu.be/xn1zYoiyA00
  9. Hasn’t worked for the past few weeks for me. Not sure why. Thanks Mike for trying.
  10. Not sure why the link doesn't show up now any time I post. Can someone tell me why? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BePi7bUPVM
  11. I created this fly a while back inspired by a few flies I saw on instagram. I took aspects of a couple different flies, mainly a few from "sand bar flies" and created my own pattern with some ideas I saw. Notably the chenille legs from one fly, and the mallard flank shell back from another. Originally I made a video on tying this fly, and I used a dubbing loop. I also used a flexible resin on the mallard flank feather as well. After tying these for a few years, I have now changed a few aspects of the fly, and am very happy with the ultimate result. I think this is now easier to tie, and also more durable. Sand crabs, or also called sand fleas, are a staple food source for many insure saltwater species. Surf Perch and Corbina in California, to pompano and redfish in the gulf of Texas, I find that these flies work great for all species willing to come close to the breaking waves in the surf. These little crabs occasionally get kicked up by heavy waves, and become an easy meal for hungry fish. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BePi7bUPVM
  12. https://youtu.be/O-sIXQQaEUc This fly pattern is one a customer of mine asked me to tie for them. They sent a picture and I went from there. It was called the "baby blue crab" on the picture, but if any of you know the actual name then let me know. I did not come up with this pattern, and honestly I don't know if its tied exactly how the original was. I couldn't find any info on how to tie it online, but this is what I came up with. It's a crab with chenille claws. Seems like it will work really well though, and I figured I would show you how I tied this. Check out my video on making the mono eyes here - https://youtu.be/HQ8wWPmemGw
  13. Why doesn't it ever work?! LOL. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrnnOqUG55s&feature=youtu.be
  14. Not every day fishing is a spectacular day, however fishing is always fun! I don't always catch fish, and this was an example of a day that was less than productive. Granted I did catch a few small sunfish, and one small bass, but it wasn't a great day for catching. I did however enjoy the time I spent with Paul, and the outdoors. Getting exercise, sun and the sounds of nature made the trip still worth while. https://youtu.be/zrnnOqUG55s
  15. Not heard of this one. If you type “half and half fly” into google the clouser/deceiver one is what comes up. It’s the only one I’ve heard of. But that’s pretty cool also. I’m sure that one works also.
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