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  1. Good to know, but that means larger containers. Hhhhmmmm. Ok thanks, let me figure this out. You gave me something to think about here
  2. I started brewing my own beer and cider cause I figured they would at one point be difficult to find. Haha!
  3. Awesome man! Thanks! I’ve got a few people saying the same, redbreast it is.
  4. For sure guys, do that absolutely. Thanks for supporting local.
  5. Oh man! Dont even mention donuts! For the past 6 months I have done no sugar or carbs. Just in the past month I introduced carbs back in. I was pre-diabetic and didn't want to end up being full diabetic. So I lost like 40lbs and feel better than ever. But no, can't do donuts. Maybe one day again. Sad times! HAHAHAHHA.
  6. For sure man! Yeah I live in San Antonio. This stupid Virus is pretty scary. Im used to living out in the middle of no where. My old town (bayfield CO) had maybe 50,000 people within 100 miles of me. HAHA. Now its like 3 million within a 100 mile radius. Maybe more, like almost 4 mill. Im sure ill probably contract this stupid virus at one point even though my family is being careful. My wife is a nurse so, its bound to happen. Anyway, yeah man lets fish some time. I love Round Rock! Living Waters fly shop is up near there, and its an awesome shop! When this is all said and done, I'm making a drive up that way to buy some capes. Desperately needed now that im selling flies. Almost cleaned myself out of my grizzly and brown capes already from all the flies ive sold. Need more. HAHA. So yeah let me know when you are down and in town and we will meet up there or fish some time. Hope you don't mind being on video...
  7. I almost had to get a replacement rod from steeldrifter.... HAHAHA. This could have gone way way worse. Luckily I came out of it without a broken rod and a few fish.
  8. Not sure why the link didn't work. Here lets try again.
  9. We caught a really nice Guadalupe bass on this trip, but was it worth it? Both of us dumped, and it was a long exhausting day. Yes, the answer is YES it was worth it, but still a lot of trouble with the kayaks. I actually almost went over the water fall backwards, and Paul dumped going over the rapids himself. The same exact spot spilled both of us. I almost broke both my fly rods and one almost went overboard. It was a crazy mess of a time. But still enjoyable. I was able to catch quite a few sunfish on dry fly and nymphs. I was fishing a dry dropper and got a few on the dry fly and a few on the nymph. So when I filmed this, we were not under quarantine. I filmed this almost 4 weeks ago before the virus even got bad in the US. I want everyone to know that I am taking this situation seriously and am keeping my social distancing. I will be fishing by myself for the next few weeks until they tell us its ok to go in public again. http://youtu.be/Dt4nRBw-tAo
  10. Oh and how many do I need in one box?
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