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  1. Better shot of this fly. I tied it again and like the way this one came out better. Thanks for the help guys.
  2. Thank you! I’ll try some hair spray. How would you apply the head cement on the entire feather before cutting? also did you change to the same type of turkey feather, just a different one that kept together better? Or was it a feather from a different part of the bird?
  3. Peacock quill, Turkey wing for the wings. Pretty little fly. I’m still learning this technique though. The turkey wing still splits on me and ends up making multiple wings
  4. I love your videos Davey, Thanks for making them. You do great work.
  5. Well I do have Covid cabin fever. Haha! Not actual Covid, I’m not sick, but mentally, I think I’m a little isolated. Well all ive got to talk to are a 2yo and 6yo... so maybe I am loosing it.
  6. Ps... I tried to delete the comment right after I realized how old this thread was. Haha! But I couldn’t. Oh well...
  7. To be honest, this popped up, and I saw it. I thought it was something I recently commented on. Haha! I didn’t read further down or check the date. I responded and then didn’t realize how old it was until someone commented the date on it. lol! As for not gotten flak for a few years this isn’t true. Not from you anymore and I appreciate that we have come to an understanding. But it does still happen. Either way it doesn’t matter. as to flytier. I’m sorry, I didn’t know you then. I respect Davey quite a lot, I think he is an amazing tier. I saw you posted it, those years back and I thought I’d ask if you were him so I can tell you how great you are. Sorry to offend or bother you. Lol! I know now that you’re not him. But I didn’t then. I was new onto the site then, and yeah. Your still a great tier now that I have seen your work since I joined the site. I wasn’t trying to say anything negative just asking a question.
  8. Yes instantly. within an hour. My first statement was the same day. not sure though why I’m bringing up old things though. lol. Anyway, take care guys.
  9. I asked a simple question, and instantly someone said I was jealous. That’s not being sensitive thats stating the obvious. When I ask hey is this Davey? And then out of no where someone says “don’t be jealous” it’s obvious what they mean. I get a lot of flak on this site. Most things I post people assume the worst. Or bring up things un related. Most people are great on here, but some just have a terrible and low opinion of me. Or they want to pick fights or something. I can’t figure out which. Either way, correcting someone’s wrong statement isn’t thin skin, it’s correcting a wrong attitude or idea that is a lie or incorrect. Simple as that
  10. Why would I be? Bro Davey is one of the best tiers out there, he deserves more views than me. I had a legitimate question. Lol. Love the low opinion you think of me bro, thanks!
  11. Ok thank you. Yeah similar. I mean I’ve seen lots of patterns with the detached body like that, made on a needle like I did, just had not seen specifically this fly. Trying to find the name of the pattern... I don’t think it’s quite similar enough to that furimsky’s pattern though to call it a variation of it. Search still continues. Haha! I really appreciate help.
  12. Yes for sure looks like a hex mayfly. Just wondering what the actual pattern is called? Anyway yeah I am sure it will be difficult to cast. But maybe worth it? Lol. Either way it was enjoyable to tie.
  13. A lighter version of the fly I tied yesterday. Can anyone tell me what this pattern is called?
  14. I’m sure mine would do the same also. I suspect like a bass popper, you would want to up your tippet size, To be more stiff and such. I think that will fix the issue. But yeah not sure how it will fish... mark, haha! Yeah I actually have a guy that asked me to tie this for him. I told him I’m not sure how it will fish but he didn’t care. I do sell flies so, I guess he is paying me to test. Haha! But thanks. Oh and I tested in water and that’s why i noticed it landed like a face-plant. Haha! Well about half the time. It landed good other times also.
  15. Thank you! And yes I just dropped it in water... haha! I haven’t had a chance to test it yet on a rod no. Honestly I moved to Texas where we don’t do much in this type of fishing, wish I was in Colorado still to test it more on fish!
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