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  1. I am quite sure it’s Antron, which should buoyant. Also I add floatant to all my dry flies so, it should yes.
  2. Yeah it definitely could be tied for caddis with a thicker and non segmented body. It isn’t my pattern, it’s been around for a while. And yeah, there are lots of great ant patterns out there for sure.
  3. Ant patterns can be one of the most effective patterns during the right times of year. When you start seeing flying ants floating in the water, you should really throw these. This is a simple and easy flying ant dry fly that works well. Its quick enough to tie many quickly, and you can fill your box with a number of different sizes of this pattern. Its also very durable.
  4. Yes I agree. For me though fishing is a bit of work though, but enjoyable work. Haha!
  5. Oh man, sorry to hear no fish for you. That’s rough. Hopefully it improves soon. Yeah around here it’s not bad. I still miss Colorado fishing but, this isn’t bad at all.
  6. Bass fishing at its best for a small South Texas fly fishing stream. This was a great day. However it started kinda slow. Lots of walking, searching for fish with no success. But I moved to another little creek, and wow was that an amazing day! Some really nice bass and sunfish. Honestly one of the best days ive had in a long time fishing! Maybe I am finally starting to figure out how to fish this area, or maybe it just was a good day. Either way, I hope more days like this are in my future.
  7. Cool thanks. I’m sorry about the health issues, I hope one day you can get back to fishing
  8. Carp are interesting fish. And the flies most people use to fish for them are even more interesting. Some very simple, some very complicated. Most are made to resemble worms, nymphs, or even moss. I have caught a couple carp In the past and each time was an amazing experience. They are powerful fish and very finicky as well. They are hard to get to bite, and when they finally do, they are a fight to bring in. This Hybrid carp fly, tied by John Montana seems to be a good one. Simple to tie, and im hoping is very effective. I have had trouble at my local waters hooking some of the carp. Its crystal clear water, so its hard to cast to them without them seeing you. But even when I do get a good cast, ive had them look over almost all flies Ive thrown at them. I am hoping this fly is the ticket as Ive heard it works for many carp fisherman around the world.
  9. Great info thanks! Yeah so it turns out that after mixing the colors and tying a few, I sent the picture to the customer and they asked for it to be lighter. Hahaha! Sooooo, I just ended up tying them all in the lighter beaver dubbing I’ve got. Worked great. Thanks everyone for your help.
  10. No I Didn’t explain, not your fault. I do appreciate it. If covid shipping wasn’t bad enough, throw Christmas into the mix and it’s the perfect storm! Haha
  11. Thanks. Unfortunately it’s for a customer. It took 3 weeks to get the materials in already. I asked for brown, I was sent tan. I need to get this out to him ASAP. Unfortunately. And Charlie craven ties it with beaver. That’s the one this guy asked for.
  12. Ok cool thanks, this answers my question.
  13. Well ok let me explain what I’m doing. It’s a mole fly. It is made with some of the spiky guard hairs (at least in cravens video) and it’s gotta somewhat go below the surface. He said not to use an ultra floaty dubbing. I figured the closest will be rabbit, at least that I have. I tried it, it turned out ok. Seems to have similar outcome. It will fish. Thanks!
  14. Hey guys, I’m tying a mole fly. I’ve only got a light tan color beaver dubbing. I want it a bit darker. Would it be bad to mix brown hareline hare dubbing with it to mix it up? I’m not sure the properties of beaver really. Would it work?
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