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Found 6 results

  1. The Perfection Loop is an amazing knot for making loops on monofilament fishing line or nylon leader. It is strong, and makes a beautiful knot! Its small, and goes through guides pretty easily. It is a must have in the fisherman's arsenal of tricks. I use this the most to make loops in leader that I need to connect to a loop in a fishing line. The loop to loop connection is easy, and strong. I have also heard that people use this knot for tying on flies. However I have other knots I find better for this. Not only is this knot strong and effective, its also easy to tie. Once you get the hang of it, you can tie it in a few seconds. Being quick to tie and effective really make this an excellent knot.
  2. The Palomar knot is great for big game fish that pull hard. The knot continues to tighten when being pulled on, and the double loops around the hook eye make for a strong and abrasion resistant knot. Its also very quick to tie. I used to use this knot fairly often when working on the party boats taking people out for albacore. Sometimes the albacore would be hitting so quickly, that the second the bait hits the water my customers would have a fish on. Many of them broke off, and needed new hooks tied on. This being strong, but so quick to tie was my go to knot. I was tying knots for customers at least 10 per minute while also having to try and gaff their fish. This knot is also very common for fly fishing. Many people use this knot for their first fly on a nymph dropper. Then they do not cut the tag end off, but use the tag end for their 2nd fly. A quick and easy way to make a two fly rig. Check out the video here... Or below the video you can visit my site that also has the video along with other videos available. http://www.mcflyangler.com/palomar-knot
  3. The triple surgeons knot is probably one of the easiest knots to connect your tippet to your leader. Its also quite strong. While not quite 100%, it will do the trick. And when you are out on the water, sometimes you want to tie up your rig quickly, to keep yourself on the water longer. Difficulty: Easy Time: Fast Strength: Medium Usefulness: Attaching two pieces of monofilament or flourocarbon. Check out the video from the link below. http://www.mcflyangler.com/triple-surgeons-knot
  4. The duncan loop (also called grinner knot) is a great knot for attaching flies or fishing lures to your monofilament or fluorocarbon line when you want more movement. The loop this knot creates really helps the hook or lure move freely and act more natural in the water. This is also a very strong knot. Difficulty: Medium Time: Fast Strength: High Usefulness: Attaching lures or flies to your line with a loop. Music: Ukulele - Bensound.com
  5. The blood knot is one of the most commonly used and effective knots to tie two pieces of line together. Mostly used by fly fishermen when they are attaching tippet to their tapered leader. The blood knot is a very strong knot, getting very close to 100%, and its also very small, thin and smooth. Just make sure the two lines are close in diameter as two lines that are far different could cause the knot to fail. Difficulty: medium Time: medium Strength: high Usefulness: This is a great knot for adding tippet to leader Music: happiness - Bensound.com
  6. I seem to be having two major problems when tying and spinning with deer hair. My first problem is when I spin deer hair the end result when I give my popper a haircut is that it doesn't have that tight compact deer hair look unless I cut the hair the extremely close to the shank of the hook. My second problem is when i go to whip finish my fly, I can't seem to keep the flared deer hair out of my finishing knot. Any help will be appreciated!
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