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Fly Tying
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Brush Minnow Fly

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The brush minnow is quite easy once you have the brush.  As you could see, just tie in a tail and then wrap the brush, add eyes, and your done.  Can't beat that for simplicity.  Best of all, it can be fished for a wide range of fish from saltwater species like tarpon or speckled trout, to freshwater species like bass, trout, or even pike (tied larger for pike).


It is much easier to make this fly with a brush, however you can tie it with a dubbing loop instead of a brush if you do not have a dubbing brush table.  Without the table there are ways to make brushes still, some videos online show ways.  However if you plan on making lots of flies with brushes, then check out the dubbing brush table I use.  Its made by Oasis Benches and is the best I've ever used.  The price isn't too bad either considering most brush tables are more expensive, and most are not made to its level of quality.


Usually I recommend extra select craft fur, but for this small fly, the regular craft fur works.  However if you are going to tie this larger then look into the extra select stuff because it will give you that extra length.



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