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Burch, it all depends on the hook size & bead chain size combination for Clousers when using bead chain, and they should be tied on the back side of the shank to invert the hook so the point swims up. It's just a matter of balance. A regular "J" type hook will almost always ride point down. The heavier the hook, the more weight is needed to invert it. Bead chain works, but you still have to use the proper size bead chain to have enough weight to invert the hook. Also keep in mind that bead chain is made with different metals (steel, brass, stainless & copper). So the same size bead will not be the same weight.


"J" hooks can be made to ride inverted without added weight, like a Bendback, but the materials used have to be buoyant, and tied in properly. There are some flats type flies used for Bonefish that are tied in this "blind eye" fashion.


If you use lead, brass or tungsten barbell eyes, even the small size eyes should invert most hooks up to about 3/0. However, you can counter act the balance by using materials that are too buoyant in the wrong place. If you're tying your Clousers with bucktail, don't use the hair near the base of the tail for your belly hair. Instead, use the hair more up towards the tip of the tail. If the hair flares a lot it's likely not what you want to use.



You can also use jig hooks, which usually invert due to the shape. A lot of guys who fish shallow saltwater here use tinned 60 degree bend jig hooks for Clousers & other patterns that they want to invert and use small barbell eyes, or even large bead chain.


As far as the white being on the wrong side, they'll still work. Wounded, stunned or dying baitfish often swim belly up in their struggling, making them appear as an easy meal. Saltwater fish are accustomed to seeing belly up baitfish, especially around schools of bait that they're attacking & feeding on.


I add weed guards to some flies. I use 30-40lb test Mason Hard Nylon, and tie in a two prong type weed guard. Here's a link to a previous discussion about weed guards. Scroll down the page, there's a picture of a fly that Kirk Dietrich posted in that discussion that shows the the two prong type very well. http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=56403&st=0&p=443569&fromsearch=1entry443569

Your always willing to pass on good knowledge Tidewaterfly and again I thank ya. I went to the fly shop yesterday and they hooked me up with the right bead eyes for 1/0 & 2/0 hooks so i`m finally good to go their. I found out the bead eyes i`ve been using will work with flies on the crazy charlie level. The ones I bought we`re the large ones and the guy said they`ll work fine for the size hooks i`m using. I`ll check out your link on weed guards and many thanks.


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The size bead chain I use for the Whitewater Clouser is stuff you buy in hardware stores (or plumbing supply houses if necessary..). What you're looking for is "plumber's chain", it's also the size bead chain normally used on vertical blinds.... Pretty large stuff, the good news is it's whole lot cheaper by the foot or yard in hardware shop that it is in a fly shop.... Hope this helps.

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I agree with Capt Bob, bead chains are a lot cheaper at the hardware store. In the lighting section, chandelier chain for lighting fixtures usually is the equivalent of "medium bead chain" in fly stores. Venetian blind chain is often bigger and heavier, I think about equivalent to "large bead chain". I never thought to look in the plumbing section, so thanks for the tip

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