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  1. Down here in south Florida, right in the middle of closures of every kind, everywhere... We still have access to almost all of the boat ramps in the Ten Thousand Islands area ( all of the areas near Chokoloskee). As a result those of us that can are practicing social isolation on the water... Hallelujah !
  2. World wide... most of the best commercial tyers are ladies... In my area one baby tarpon on a popping bug and she'd be hooked for life...
  3. for Darrell.. I already have a full sized stand-up bait freezer - if I were to freeze all of my materials I'd need two additional freezers... I could literally stock an entire fly shop with my reserves - and still have more materials left over... One of these days I'll sell it all off - but first I'd have to quit fishing and tying and all the other stuff I've been doing so long... that it just seems natural...
  4. Made a point of checking out my moth crystal packets supply and found that every one was empty. I guess they've evaporated so I'll be picking up some more on my next foray to the grocery store. If you see the first carpet beetle - you've got a problem with bugs in your tying materials... The giveaway is seeing any dust in the bottom of a supposedly sealed plastic bag or seeing even one dead beetle in those same places. New goods, still individually sealed are usually just fine - but the moment you start using them you're vulnerable to any bugs already present. Since I buy and store deer and calf tails by the hundred, and feathers by the pound I'm always doing anything I can to keep them in good shape. Wish I could say that I'm winning but it's an ongoing struggle when some of my materials are well over thirty years old now... I have noticed over the years that dyed goods seem much more resistant to bugs than un-dyed, more natural materials if that's any help...
  5. I think it was something about the conditions since we never saw anything getting eaten - up and down two different canal systems - just lots of gar at the surface and we were on the water just before sunup.... Unlike the Trail, the waters we were in showed not the slightest bit of current or water movement at all - just a fair number of lazy 'gators and garfish.... The guy I was with needed to get back home before noon and I was glad it was just a morning's exercise...
  6. I use closed paper packets with moth crystals and they work just fine... If you buy and use natural materials in bulk (deertails, calftails, feathers of all kinds....) bugs will eventually be a problem... Just one more of those "Ask me how I know" propositions... Any item found with bugs gets tossed - just after I do my best to use all of what's left (and usable).
  7. I'm getting booking cancellations all the way into the first week of May.... I figure that the remaining bookings I still have - just haven't gotten around to cancelling.... At least boat ramps in the Ten Thousand islands area (Chokoloskee, Everglades City, Port of the Islands) are still open. If and when I can find time I will be doing a bit of exploring on my own if no charters are to be had. At least that's my excuse when I get our local form of cabin fever... My garage is my shop and all of my fly tying, lure making, rodbuilding and reel repair stuff is there in the open with the door up. Pretty tough some days to stick to work when it's above 80 degrees each day and you just know the fish are waiting... Seriously though, I can see how our leaders are torn between two objectives - clearing the health threat without totally destroying our economy in the process... Those two goals seem at odds with each other from this perspective...
  8. For Swamp Fly... here's the outfit that will probably have those 1/16oz. heads for you (either plain or painted).... https://www.lurepartsonline.com/ They're the retail side of the outfit I use to mold up the jigheads that I use at wholesale and have provided great results for me over the years.... I was interested to hear that you're using dark colors along the Trail. We were up on Alligator Alley yesterday and I probably should have been using dark colors instead of my usual whites... but since nothing (and I mean nothing) was biting we were probably beating a dead horse (something I'm all too familiar with). I'll be down in the Ten Thousand Islands area in a few days working out of my skiff again so until then it will be shopwork each day. So far I've removed the beaten up old cork grip on one of my oldest Sage rods and replaced it (with Sage's new policy on older rods that "lifetime warranty" they advertised 25 years ago isn't worth much so I still have two old Sages that need the same treatment...). I have one small lure order to fill as well so there goes any spare time - as usual...
  9. I'm still using the simple vise that I bought from Cascade Crest nearly 40 years ago now (back then it was called Rogue River I believe). It's equipped with "Super jaws" - much heavier shorter jaws that will take up to a 5/0 hook since I'm strictly a saltwater tyer. I was offered a nice rotary from Renzetti years ago but never took them up on it. Can't tell you how many hundreds of dozens of flies and maybe thousands of bucktail jigs I've produced with it. Since I did production work with it I'm pretty quick with it as well.... and it's still in use today. I have both a standard clamp on and a pedestal base for it, done shows with it as far away as New York. You could say that we're used to each other by now.
  10. Thanks, I've been using a fluid bed (single cup) for quite a few years now but so far have resisted the full sized model... I long ago quite doing my own molding. Instead I have a production outfit that does the molding for me using centrifugal "slinger" molds then ships them to me ready to paint or use as I see fit. I'm ordering at the 1000 level per size these days and the shipping isn't cheap at all...
  11. Where can I find them? They'd have to be really cheap to come in lower in price that strung saddles at wholesale....
  12. Here's what I'll be using up on Alligator Alley later on today in the small jig department... I make these leadheads (for Gulp or plastic tails) and these backcounty bucktail jigs in size 1/8oz on up - for all comers... with a good strong super sharp black nickel hook (1/8oz - 2/0, 1/4oz - 3/0 and on up...). They're powder coated then baked at 350 for 15 minutes to harden the finish... Once you get comfortable making them - the sky's the limit on color variations - this one is the LBJ (for little brown jig... a winter favorite of mine...).
  13. Change is how things work I suppose - but I wouldn't mind turning back the clock 30 or 40 years or so.... the trouble is that I'd probably not be one bit smarter...
  14. Great report... That's one of the few places I'd like to fish one day....
  15. I have anglers that fish both the Silhouette and the Tarpon Snake around the world (literally) with great success... There was a time when good, high quality, strung saddle hackles were commonly available in every size range... That's not the case now (and I doubt that will ever change since most of those chicken feathers come from places like China...) so if you can find them they're still so cheap that having flies get shredded on contact is just part of the deal... When I can find them in bulk I'm usually buying - by the pound (or at least the bundle of 3 to 7 oz. at a time..). That sort of supply is strictly at the wholesale level though.
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