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  1. agn54

    Fish Pictures

    Great video Mike! Nice to see such a good speck bite this late in the year.
  2. I'll put up one of the obvious, Bob Clouser tying the Clouser
  3. Hairline Extra Select craft fur is by far the best Ive found. Its not too expensive either, unless you are tying in bulk perhaps, so no need to look for a cheap substitute
  4. Badger makes for good tails, as does silver fox, Arctic fox, and even Finn Raccoon, though this would be for some monster buggers. All are more durable than marabou which comes in handy in the salt when toothy critters are around
  5. Its not complicated. Ever bass fish? Anything you use for bass can be used for inshore salt very effectively. In fact, most classic inshore lures, jigs, and flies were originally for bass (ex. Rattle traps, Mirrolures, bombers, plastic tail jigs, etc. Same for flies. One of the most popular flies in the salt is a schminnow, which is just a wooly bugger with estaz in place of chenille. If a bass will eat it, so will a snook
  6. On the bottom of the page it says 'This listing is currently undergoing maintenance, we apologise for any inconvenience caused.' so maybe he is correcting the issue now. I understand the OP's frustration at the incnsistency of the listing, but as noted above, it's a good deal either way.
  7. agn54

    Song of the day

    My band in college opened for these guys. It was pretty awesome. This was in the late 90s
  8. I was in south Miami for Andrew, so my bar has been set pretty high. Every year the weather channel and other news outlets play up every storm as if it is Armageddon. One day it may be, but when that happens, they will have cried wolf to often.
  9. EP is quite a bit different than Polar Fibre. Craft fur is more similar but still quite a bit different as well, as it is more stiff and bristly then polar fibre, which is incredibly soft. It depends on how the material is being used. If it is just for a tail, then using EP or craft fur probably won't greatly change the pattern. On the other hand, tying a polar fiber minnow, which is really just stacked clumps of polar fiber high tied, will yield pretty different results using craft fur or EP. What is the pattern?
  10. Mine might be a bit heavy for this swap so I apologize for that, but I figure most here also use ultralights and theyll fish on those just fine. Down here those work great when slow trolled
  11. Mine went out yesterday. Thanks for hosting OP
  12. Got mine today, great looking set! Thanks for hosting
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