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Fly Tying

Advice for beginner-that's me.

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Tomorrow,Saturday,I am attending an Orvis fly tying Class for beginners. Can anyone offer advice on what tools and materials to bring home? Maybe nothing. I do want good quality tools. I know materials will vary depending upon the specific fly or nymph. Sources?

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Go in peace my friend. They'll take good care of you. A beginner class will have tools and materials.

Don't worry about your own materials or tools until after the class. If you want to buy stuff after the class get what money will allow. If you have to cut corners somewhere get an inexpensive vise and try other peoples vises, when you can, as you continue to tie. You might find a vise that really suits you.


Good scissors and learning to use a whip finish tool will serve you better right now than a vise that will hold hooks of any size. Don't buy materials unless you have a use for them. Pick a few patterns and buy just the materials for those patterns and learn to tie those patterns well. There's a good chance you'll learn to love tying. If you do you'll have a good understanding of the type of patterns you like tying and the vise you'll need to do that. Materials will come as your "I have to tie that" urge drives you in one direction or another.

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