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  1. Mine is an 8' 5 we. St. Croix legend, not the legend Ultra or whatever their top rod is. It's my go to rod for trout or pond bass. There are much more expensive and probably more performing rods, but I like the Legend. I mainly mess around now with fiberglass rods, which I like. They are heavier and slower than graphite but I enjoy fishing them.
  2. I bought a very cheap Chinese line marked 6. Weighed, it was too much for a six, too little for a 7. A high six is how I'm using it. It casts fine on a six weight rod, and well worth the very small price I paid for it.
  3. I mark my lines as above. In addition to the tips of the line, I put a line 30 feet in to mark the head so I can weigh it on a scale. Some lines are marked under weight.
  4. I'm trying to consolidate my hooks today. I've got way too many. I semi-organized them in three Umpqua hook boxes. My problem is how to separate them. In "Dry" and "Nymph" no problems, but then I've got Klinkhammer hooks, scud hooks in both light and heavy wire, nymph in standard and x long, curved shank dry, and probably some I haven't organized yet. I think I acquired them a few at a time when I saw a video of someone tying a fly on a certain hook and thought I needed some and because I couldn't find what I needed at home, I ordered some a few at a time. And they built up to a ridiculous state of affairs. The lesson is to organize your hooks early so you know what you need and what you have.
  5. That's a good looking and a needed vise head for small flies. When will they be offered for sale? I would put one on my Medallion. And incidentally, a nice fly.
  6. Here I am trying to tie an 18 Parachute fly and now this. I can barely tie a Wooly Bugger.
  7. Thanks, folks. What do you use for the post on size 18s? I use Para post on larger flies, I suppose a thin yarn for smaller flies.
  8. I don't have a problem seeing them, I have a problem tying them. I wear a pair of cheaters, about 1.5 power, and if it gets to where I need more power, I put on a second pair over the first. Works great, but I don't do such a thing very much.
  9. Does anyone have any tips on parachute flies from about 16 down? I can't do it, but I'm willing to learn. Share your tips. Size 16 is "small" for me.
  10. That would be my choice. You should get a ssecond or third opinion; I could be wrong
  11. They look to be Japanese rods made for GIs after WW 2. There isn't much interest in them and unless it's there's a family/friend connection with it, it's probably not worth restoring.
  12. I have a spool of floss that's marked "French Silk". I don't know where I got it, and it's purple. A spool like for a thread spool. I'll burn a couple of inches and report on the smell. Edit: I burned a little of the floss. It burned pretty well (I don't have the vocabulary to describe how it burned, so there it is.) I'm not totally sure this floss is silk, in spite of its marking. It didn't melt and burned off with little ash.
  13. Well, I guess the Traveler may not have that ability. Sorry about misinformation.
  14. Renzetti vises have an adjustment where they will only rotate in one direction, which allows the vise to index. This setting can easily be adjusted out, It's annoying, but some like this feature.
  15. A photo would be good. As for markings, I don't think the Traveler is marked either.
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