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  1. All these pretty flies! Here's my Adams, my favorite dry fly. Size 14
  2. Handy, I'd think, but pricey. I have a couple of half hitch tools that I've collected over the years and a whip finisher that works great, but if the price goes down on the bobbin holder tool I'd probably buy one. As for strange vises, here's my Universal 2, a rotary vise I use sometimes. I don't know the age.
  3. San Francisco, LA, and Portland are bringing the Third World home to us. Except they're not as organized and as neat as in Monrovia.
  4. I wish someone would explain what "need" has to do with it. I'm unqualified to speak on salmon flies, but my TRV will tie on anything I'm likely to tie on it. I'm not a vise collector, but do own a few vises because....well, I like vises. I also own several flyrods and more than several reels because I like them and get pleasure tying/fishing with my modest collection. If need were an issue, I'd own one rod, one reel, and one vise. But foolish me, I bought what I could afford. I sold my RM vise a year ago on Ebay, sold it too cheap because I didn't know how to run the Ebay system. Someone got a great deal on a great vise. But I have no regrets, really, except for selling it too cheap. But use? Nah, it would do anything but had a lot of bells and whistles and looked "busy" if that makes sense. I found I don't really NEED a RM, a TRV, a Regal or a HMH Standard, but I like them a lot and I'm an old man and don't see much reason to save every dime for a future that's not going to be measured in decades. Basically, I'm happy with my vises. Some time ago,I had a box made that holds a lot of materials and a vise for transporting and consolidation. The vise the box was designed to fit is a HMH Spartan. I wish I could get comfortable with rotary vises, but can't use all the advantages. The TRV holds small hooks well to 22, small as I have tied. And Up to size 4, which is as large as I've tied on it.
  5. Its been years since I thinned Shoe Goo but it was clear, IIRC.
  6. Isn't that's what Fkexament is?
  7. Like to see his videos but the sound on this one is worse than awful.
  8. Thanks, folks. This any better?
  9. My attempt at a 14 sulfer after laying off six months, as stated below. because of illness. Any criticism would be helpful. My third attempt at this Mayfly.
  10. In the middle of December, I got sick. Dehydrated, blood loss, fell down in my yard and couldn't get up under my own power. Spent 10 days in hospital and physical rehab. Anyway, although I brought my vise to the rehab center, didn't tie a fly. I've been out of the hobby since 15 December. Got C.DIFF in rehab (I think) and my mind was definitely not on tying. But last week, I decided to give it a try. This is the 11th fly I've tied and I'm relearning old skills and was surprised at how much I'd forgotten and how little I retained. With the other 10, each fly was a learning experience as was this one. Still learning. So any helpful criticism will be helpful. Thanks in advance. Size 12, calf bory hair, moose tail.
  11. I can't imagine any of these hooks being suitable for salt...they were way too small for what I imagine a salt fly hook to be, unless you're fishing for small fish in the ocean. Not all of them were short and heavy. Some were 5X long and about 3X light. Don't remember the size, probably about 6 or 8. Some but not all were odd sizes to my American tastes. Odd numbers instead of evens, like I'm used to.
  12. Three or four years ago, I bought an enormous quantity of old Mustad hooks from Ebay...and I mean a LOT. Unfortunately, almost none were suitable for fly tying. I think they were either too stout, too small,or too long. Still, it wasn't all that of an expensive experiment.
  13. Nah...I didn't know there was such a thing.
  14. Well, I like the way it looks, and got the word from a guy who is a consummate fisherman that it works very well in trout sizes. For all I know, the pattern came from Richard Farino, who does a lot of fishing up in the DC area. I got the idea from a post he made on a board of which we are members. He didn't claim to invent the pattern. There are other colors that will work, but I haven't tried them yet and may not. I'm not trying to second guess fish, or what/how they see, just having fun. Traditional dry flies look, to us, nothing like the real insects. But they fool fish, and fool us into tying them. I enjoy tying flies, and while I'm not good at it, it gives me something to do in my declining years. This was the first time I worked with UV and, for that matter, zonker strips. And I learned from the experience, a process I enjoy.. I tie trout flies, but my wading days are over, I can't get in ankle-deep water without falling, and at one time, I thought I had Parkinson's because of a tremor in my left arm...don't think so now, but maybe... so I tie them for the mental/fine motor exercises of tying, not to fish,
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