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You could also check out www.flyanglersonline.com It's an online fly fishing e-zine, and, generally, has been pretty good. Anyway, bring up the home page, and in the search box enter "Not Quite Entomology". That will bring up over a hundred columns that cover all sorts of insects. It is not quite detailed as helping you identify the genus and species of a mayfly by the pattern of veins in its wings, but it does cover the life cycle, habitat and common variations of many aquatic insects.

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+1 for Fly Anglers Online's "Not Quite Entomology" - excellent series.


Thecatchandthehatch has a "Basic Entomology" series that is a great place to start.


I often refer to Westfly's entomology section which has excellent articles on most of the important trout bugs and patterns that match different parts of each bug's lifecycle. http://www.west-fly-fishing.com/entomology/entomology.shtml


As others have noted, troutnut is an unmatched resource for photos of trout related bugs and advanced discussion of patterns that match specific phases of each species.


Hope this helps


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