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  1. That will do it, nice. It's so nice to be able to view the SBS tutorials on your blog. Very nice blog in itself. I'm going to take time and look it over, thanks.
  2. Nice flies. I'm like you I never go smaller than an 8. It keeps the babies away.
  3. Just curious, what brand of silk thread are you using? Nice flies.
  4. Pretty fly. Won't be too long the march browns will be hatching.
  5. You're right, thread is what I meant to write. I had floss on the brain.
  6. There are many things you can use for bodies. Silk thread is the traditional body, but that's not the only thing that will fish for you. Try flex floss, tying thread, Veevus sells floss on a spool, there's sexi-floss, which I assume is the same as flex floss, etc. Your confidence in the fly and the fish will guide you. Also, Noahguide has a good idea.
  7. A few years ago i bought some balsa and made my own McMurray Ants. A lot of unnecessary work, but what the hell.
  8. How do you go about fly fishing for them?
  9. I never fly fished for pickerel, but I've been catching them through the ice. Next trip I'm going to to bring a couple home if they're fat enough. I saw a Youtube video of a guy filleting them and it don't look too hard.
  10. I really like this one for bass, nice.
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