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  1. I hope I mentioned that it's Charlie Craven's Pattern. He doesn't use wings. He calls his a parachute damsel. That's the longest hackle I could find in my room. I guess that's what imitates the wings.
  2. I modeled this after Charlie Craven's. See what you think.
  3. Are you seeing photos with Charlie Craven's Damsel Fly? If so, they're not showing on my computer. I'd love to see how he make it.
  4. Nice flies, Philly. How long is the fly? Do you make those segments with thread? That's what I'm looking to tie. Thanks.
  5. I'm looking for a damsel dry fly pattern to use for smallmouth bass. I never tied one and I'm not sure of the size. I googled, but I'm not finding what I want. Thanks if you can help.
  6. Your's is definitely the closest match. Great dye job, chugbug27
  7. Hi Kimo, do you care to share the smallmouth pattern? We've been in a drought condition here in my area of PA, and I can't fish for trout. I've been fishing the Juniata River for smallmouths and really love catching them on flies.
  8. Those game Changers are beautiful, and they look great in the water, but they seem like they would be a lot of work. I'd sure be afraid to lose one. I've seen them in the water and they move so well.
  9. Did anyone mention that any free beer is a good one?
  10. I hope this isn't too stupid of a question, but aren't you worried about lead poisoning? Is that a possibility after handling and being around all of that lead? Just wondering.
  11. Ha, right, but I didn't see what I needed.
  12. Hey Jay, I have at least one buddy that would buy enough to make it worth your while. Of course I'd buy them, too, and I'm sure there are others. We like to buy plain lead and paint our own. The eyes are much cheaper and we have a little fun painting them
  13. Are you able to mold dumbbell eyes in different sizes, too? Do you sell them?
  14. Thanks, guys. I gotta tie some of these for smallmouths.
  15. Can anyone direct me to the pattern tying sequence for Todd's Wiggle Minnow? It says there's one in the file, but I can't find it so far. Thanks
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