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  1. Hey, Scott, how do you fish those?
  2. It's engulfed me in south central, PA. I'm about 85 miles west of Pittsburgh. It's coming down heavy and continually.
  3. Thank You, all. This is only my second year of seriously pursuing smallmouth on a fly rod. In my part of PA trout water becomes very thin and warm in the summer, and I need to keep fishing to satisfy my addiction. Smallmouth bass are hard fighters and a blast to land.
  4. I just love the color scheme.
  5. I'm looking for a formula to tie a smallmouth bass leader that will work for streamers and top water flies. I'm fishing a floating line. Thanks
  6. Really nice. I have to tie some smaller ones for smallmouth bass.
  7. Beautiful pile of bluegills.
  8. That's very interesting and worth trying.
  9. I love eating catfish. To catch them that big would be awesome on a fly rod.
  10. That video is fantastic. I remember Curt Gowdy filming his show all over the world.
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