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  1. Package arrived today, I received Breambusters got it under the tree. Thanks for hosting this neat swap. Also Vicrider thanks for the prizes. Merry Christmas and Happy Hoildays to all.
  2. Need address to send flies. Snail mail can take forever this time of year.
  3. Put me in I'll be tying a vinyl worm
  4. Midges arrived today great bunch if flies. Awesome job guys Thanks for hosting JD1983
  5. Flies on on their way to California!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Got my flies this morning all I can say is AWESOME Great swap
  7. Got my flies yesterday evening great job guys
  8. I would like in on this one Doing trout flies
  9. Flies have landed in Arkansas great job tyers. Good job on the photos Dubs
  10. Flies have been put in the snail mail today tiny 24's I lost one and had to tie another before I could ship.......
  11. Put me in not sure on pattern yet I'm tying a size 24 BH root beer midge
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