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  1. Sorry!!! Tail: Marc Petitjean nº7 CDC fibers Bad idea COPY PASTE
  2. Hello!! I post a BWO female spent, additional fotos are more or less a step by step. Thanks Bye
  3. Hello Coinman66! I use this fly when i need a fast sinking looking for carps in deep shores, i hope you tie some Thanks!!
  4. Hello Letumgo,as allways, it´s a pleasure! I´ll post more micronymphs but this week i´ve morning shift. Thanks thanks thanks!!! BYE BYE
  5. Hi Coolstreams and thanks!!! These micronymphs are easy,fast tying and effective. Happy fishing!!!! See you soon!!!
  6. OK!!! IT´S DONE I love U.S.A, the sellers ALWAYS are serious and their replies too fast. :bugeyes:
  7. Thanks Perchjerker! I know steps 1 and 2 but in my case this is my problem "... I would next get on the internet and see who in Spain handles rod building components; and then broaden your search as needed..." I need for example..."look for Pacific Bay or Fuji" or "i know an excellent tip guides called XXX" I don´t know who made the guides for Sage, i have 2 tip guides but they are a shit, i need a big hard loop tip guide. Thanks again!!!
  8. Hello and happy fishing year!!! I have a problem, i need a TIP RING for a SAGE Xi2 1090-4 and i don´t know a good one. In your opinion, what is the best ring for this rod and where can i buy it??? Thanks for all
  9. It looks easy, i´m looking for a sustitute for a white woolly bugger. I´ll try with this pattern. Good job Bye
  10. Hello!!!! I tie exactly the same fly for sunset. I use it in June and August and it saved me a lot poor days. A little fly for big browns Bye!!!
  11. Great fly!!! Please, show us your secrets :devil: and post a Step by Step!! Bye
  12. Good looking caddis!! Again :bugeyes:
  13. I don´t know if he want that, but in the additional photos, there is a profile (right) of the fly http://www.flytyingforum.com/pattern10877.html I hope help!! Bye
  14. Hello NJ All Day, thanks for all. About your question, i don´t know the meaning of " side shot " ? My english is my english...... Bye
  15. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by avelino: Goldfish (Carassius carassius)
  16. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by avelino: Transgenic Bugger
  17. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by avelino: Carp stone nymph
  18. Hi again, i was looking for Pink Crown (Crown Skinless Skin Condom) and i found it on E##y ( i don´t know if in this forum we can use brands). When they arrive, i´ll tie in a Knapek #1 Streamer Hook (2XL). Is this hook too heavy? Bye
  19. Wonderful!!! Great images and video montaje. I think he uses a bread imitation, another universal and multifish fly (carp , mullet , trout...) I hope you like this video too (Portugal Carp on the fly)
  20. Thanks Wayneb!! It´s done, one dozen are shipping yet. Bye
  21. Dear John Adams: I can´t find a fu##ing PINK LATEX CONDOM :crying: They offer me red,yellow,green,brown... but not a pink one. Can you tell me the a name or i´ll tie a strawberry red one, too red for a earth worm but...... Thanks for all
  22. Helo!!!! Some time ago i had the same problem but i hope you try, in special for this fly, the parachute option. It´s fast, clear, easy and it´ll transform your Wulff in a great navigator. Now, the Royal Wulff (parachute) is one of my favorites flies for Seatrout. Come on!!!!Let´s tie one.
  23. Thanks flytire!! Here there are tyers who made hackles "all around" for wet but using a "comparadun" style. What happens with it? We enter in purists topic :wallbash: (flies, tying method....bla bla bla) What about "all around" with Coq de Leon plume??? The essence of the matter is the plume itself, we use plume from the kidney zone of the cock and there, the plume has (more or less) 1-1,5 inch. long fibers and the are too long for a wet hackle, I can also tell that the fibers are wery slim and hard (compare with hen or starlight) and the kidney plume has very low density of fibers (as opposed to genetic) and distributed in a pyramid form. These type of fiber are used to create a wings feeling without movement and i don´t know a lot about English wets too. You could use breast feathers but this kind of rooster do not have. Excuse me for my english but sometimes i can´t explain as i want!! Bye
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