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  1. This is a pattern called a "Los Alamos Ant", created by Harrison Steeves. They are a lot of fun to tye, and catch fish like crazy. PS - These are a great fly to demonstrate in front of kids. The materials are cheap and customizing them is a lot of fun (craft paint and sharpie markers). I'm not sure the little buggy eyes help them fish any better, but it certainly adds to the joy of creation. This pattern has earned a place in my fly box, catching me many fish, over many years. One of my favorite top water patterns. PPS - They make a good strike indicator too, if you care to drop another fly off the bend of the hook (think "hopper-dropper" combination).
  2. Ray's LA Cicadas Hook - Daiichi Model 2220/Size 8 Thread - 6/0 UNI-Thread (Black) Tails - Two Strands of Round Rubber Legs (Brown) Body - Six or Seven Strands of Peacock Herl Fibers (Dyed Orange) Back (Bottom Layer) - Foam Triangle (3/8" x 1-1/8" x 3 mm Thick) - Orange Back (Top Layer) - Foam Triangle (3/8" x 1-1/8" x 3 mm Thick) - Black Legs - Two Strands of Round Rubber Legs On Each Side (Brown) Wings - Cellophane Wrapping Paper (Iridescent Pearl) Wing Markings - Fine Sharpie Marker (Black) The fish eye view (looking up from the bottom)
  3. Excellent! I love the various color combinations.
  4. Heavy-handed Tactics Hook - Daiichi Alec Jackson Heavy Wire Spey Hook/Model 2061/Size 8 Thread - 8/0 UNI-Thread (Red) Front Hackle - Soft Schlappen Hackle (Furnace) - Tyed in facing out over the eye of the hook Body Hackle - Indian Hen Hackle (Furnace) - Stripped on one side and tyed in over the eye of the hook Front Body (Thorax) - Chopped Wool Yarn Dubbing (Red) Rear Body (Abdomen) - Pheasant Tail Fibers (Natural) - The butt ends are wrapped from the middle to the rear, then counter wrapped with the tying thread to reinforce the herl. Head - Tying thread whip finish, coated with clear nail polish The name of this fly comes from the heavy hackle collar at the head of the fly. This was an intentional design choice. I wanted to have a pronounced hackle collar at the front of the fly, similar to the head of a muddler minnow, yet somewhat softer. I wanted the profile of the fly to have some bulk, to make it resemble a small sculpin. I have not fished this pattern yet, so I cannot comment on it's effectiveness. The construction of this fly is identical to the flymphs I posted earlier in the year, just on a larger scale. It is hard to see in the photos (poor lighting), but the red front body becomes visible when the hackle moves around. It is intended to present a gimps of red, to imitate the opening and closing of gills. Impressionistic minnow imitation.
  5. Dear Friends, It is my sad duty to report, that our dear friend Mark Libertone (Soft-hackle) passed away this afternoon, after a long battle with cancer. Mark's son (Mark Junior) called me to convey the sad news. His son indicated that Mark passed way quietly around 3:45 PM, surrounded by family. Mark Junior gave me permission to post the news on the forum, letting you of his passing. I will stay in contact with Mark's family and will post updates when I find out details about his funeral. If anyone wishes to send a card, send me a PM and I can provide their mailing address. At the moment, I am at a loss for words. My heart goes out to Mark's family. Mark and I had become very close friends. I will miss him very much... Respectfully, Ray (letumgo) Tucker
  6. I was walking thru my local supermarket this afternoon and as I glanced sideways, I saw the Autumn 2013 edition of Fly Tyer magazine. I instantly recognized the fly on the cover as that of our own Fred Hannie (screen name Fred H.). I broke into a huge smile and said "Congratulation Fred!" out loud to myself. Congratulations Buddy, on the well deserved recognition! Bravo!
  7. Beautiful fly! And deadly, I am sure.
  8. Kelly recently sent me some beautiful streamers. The streamers are called a "Shaman Lance", and is of her own design. Fortunately she sent me several flies, so I succum to the temptation to actually fish one of these beauties. Shaman Lance Streamer pattern designed and tyed by Kelly Lovelady. Hook: Daiichi 2340 size 6 (optional size 2-14) Thread: Black Tail: Red Schlappen Body: Large flat mylar (embossed is fine too) Underwing: One white saddle feather tied in flat Wing One: PolarFlash-Pearl Wing Two: Fluorofibre-Mackerel Blue Overwing: Teal Flank (tyed in flat over the back of the fly) Throat-Red Schlappen Head: Black tying thread Eyes: Hand painted I am glad I did! I caught my first smallmouth bass of the year and it was a DANDY! This guy slammed the fly like a ton of bricks, then put up a great fight. THANK YOU KELLY!
  9. Terje - Simply amazing (but what else would it be)! Man, I would love to sit across from you someday, just to watch you tye.
  10. Andy - Superbly done! Wonderful tying and photography. I've bookmarked this pattern to give it a try. I hope to fish with this later this year. Thank you for taking the time to share the details. Much appreciated!
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