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  1. I left off the tail pieces to allow the fly to swim straight and make it easier to tie in the mono weed guard.
  2. Thanks guys. Paul it's the same techniques.
  3. Found alot of these little guys around my pond and thought they would make a good fly .
  4. Thanks guys. We should be able to tie this on multiple sizes to keep up with the growing fingerlings throughout the spring.
  5. Thanks Paul , I hope the fish agree. Fred
  6. Thanks ditz, I used a marker under the resin for the dark olive color I wanted . Just being lazy. I could have mixed tail fibers to get the color I needed and continued it out through the top of the tail. Maybe on the next batch.
  7. on this pattern I used gliss n glint fibers clear and yellow. Monofilament and black embroidery thread. 3D eyes and Diamond Hard Uv resin on a size 8 hook.
  8. Thanks Guys, this fly is very durable . The main components are deer hair , thread and monofilament. Only the wings are made with different materials . This one is going to be framed with a nest for an auction at an event I will be tying at in May.I do fish with my other bees and wasps though. Fred
  9. Thanks, Paul and Bob. I don't know why I keep comming back to stinging insects as a subject. Fred
  10. Thanks Mike , I hope the fish agree. Fred
  11. This is a size #18 dry fly . It is tied with thread and monofilament to match the size, shape and color of the specimen.
  12. Down here the flounder make a migration in the fall out to the gulf and will pile up in vast numbers on sand bars along the ship channel. There are always alot of pinfish present at this time as well ,so you don't want to use too small of a fly or you will have to deal with them too much. I use shrimp and baitfish immiataions . The fish are normally in 2' to 6' water depths so I uase floating line and adjust my leader length acordingly. Use wide gappped hooks for these flies . A flounder will often hold on to a fly without getting hooked ,only to let go as you bring him to hand.
  13. I agree to a point .An exception would be synthetics that act like naturals . Organza ribbon is one example of a synthetic that will be as aerodynamic as hair or feather yet offers the irridescent shimmer similar to natural insect wings. Solid wing materials will work for dapping situations but are not ideal for casting. Fred
  14. http://hatchesmagazine.com/blogs/Hatches/2010/10/25/hold-the-anchovies-by-fred-hannie/
  15. Phew , I thought that was something just for me.lol Fred
  16. Thanks ditz2 and Kirk. Kirk it won't be part of the work shop but I'll bring the materials and demo the tie either before or after. Fred
  17. Beautiful job and step by step Ray. No wonder I have always been a big fan . Fred
  18. Well done Paul. Sometimes you have to eat alot of pistachios to find just the right shells, not a bad problem to have . again nice job. Fred
  19. Paul , I had to use different size hooks . Chose your shell first and then find a hook that works with it. Are you planning to tie Brandy's earrings with a full hook and then cut off the barb below the bend ? Wavey1988 , I think my biggest problem would be finding a GI small enough. Thanks , Fred
  20. Thanks buddy . Your blog is looking great. Fred
  21. Thanks , I have not fished them yet. Fred
  22. Thanks Peter , Happy New Year
  23. This is tied on a stainless size #4 streamer hook. It's 2 1/2 inches long and weighted . It has a mono core and a flexible tail that should hold up to toothy critters.
  24. Thanks Mike ,Paul and Tony. The shells are pistachio halves. Fred
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