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  1. Do you chat with Alan aka Crackaig much, I have something for him, but need his address to send it to and he hasn't responded to my request on the fly tying forum.  I also see that you haven't been on in a while, so hopefully you are doing good.  If you know how to get ahold of him could you please let him know I am wanting to chat with him please.

    Thank you.


  2. Going to look immense when it's done. You lost more weight Steve?
  3. Piker20

    My new shop

    I switched to the chrome tab access on the phone and not the Google shortcut on home screen
  4. If you can still find it Benecchi. Really good. I've found the veevus stuff isn't too bad and utc at a push.
  5. Piker20

    My new shop

    I appear to have fixed my page issue with changing my browser. Looks like a good project Mike.
  6. Piker20

    My new shop

    Still unable to get any threads past page one so I'll never see the finished article but it looks like the start of something you can really get your teeth into.
  7. Yes it won't jump to unread page for me either.
  8. Follow any threads past page one. I'm on a phone using chrome. I've tried using desktop display as well as mobile and I can read things in page one, then it just won't let me move to next page.
  9. If due date was after Oct I think this will get me back to the vice
  10. Haha, we've had so many door mats of various claimed abilities. I'll have to wait until 'lockdown' is lifted and then I can source a local shop or two.
  11. If i replace my current mower with a mulcher it will be a 100% mulching machine and not a 3:1 or 4:1. My wife is bound to say the dogs paddling in bits so I might try and see if a dealer is local and will loan one for a 24hr trial. If it was upto me the lawn would be gone and it would be a huge pond with bridges and paths over it
  12. I'm not sure if these are a big thing over in US but anyone if they use one, does the lawn have a lot of small grass pieces left which pets collect and drag inside?
  13. That just looks absolutely brilliant. The lack of water doesn't distract in anyway from the 'fish tank'. I reckon that's my favourite one
  14. Did try this with a set of flies. Wasn't as sensible with colour choice as you and by the time I came to use them I couldn't remember which thread meant weighted and unweighted. 🙄
  15. I believe its some batches. Possibly the dye. I've a pack of a purple shade that's just all in the bin. Never had red or black do it. Had some in grey that was hit and miss
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