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  1. Linesides I guess you can never stop paying attention. I got the flies in the mail today. And as I got back into my truck in the parking lot, I reached for my Altoids..... You can guess the rest. I ran back in and switched the flies for the mints. So you will be getting some trout candy not breath mints. :wallbash: I added a couple of other patterns for hosting the swap. Thanks again. Frank
  2. Good to hear that the new one is on his way. :headbang: Take all the time you need. Since I fish with a bunch of Geezers and I want to keep the old traditions alive, I will be tying a "Doc Spratley", it is one of the Northwest's Classic steelhead and trout patterns.
  3. Mine are done they will be in the mail tomorrow. :yahoo:
  4. Linesides: I decided to do a Brian Chan Pattern..the maroon bomber size 12. This is not the largest size by far. I have them in size 8. But there are only a couple of lake up in BC that have the really big ones. It's an easy tie and it really works. I should be done in a couple of days, so send me an ADDY. I fish with some real masters in this area, so I will add a couple of their patterns to welcome you to hosting a swap. I will probably follow you into hosting in the near future. Thanks again: Frank Koterba
  5. i have spent time with Les Johnson in the past so I guess I should put it to use. I'm In :headbang:
  6. Thanks Chrisfish: It was a lot of fun and I haven't tied this pattern before. So thanks for helping me live out my moniker. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  7. I'm in I will figure out something and let you know.
  8. ronc23: Here is a better link. http://www.guidebc.com/flypatterns/glassbeadchironomid.asp
  9. ronc23: They fish a lot of chronomids here in Washington and up in BC. One guy to look up is Brian Chan, he is a fish biologist, a guide, a writer and one hell of a fisherman. He writes a lot of articles and he has done a number of books on fishing "Stillwaters". Here is a link to one of them. http://www.flyfishersrepublic.com/tactics/...onomid-tactics/ Another person to look up is Philip Rawley. He has a book out called "Fly Patterns for Stillwaters". You can also look up a lot of patterns and information when you search on Kamloops, BC Canada. I will probably do a large pattern called the Bomber. There are chronomids that get to be an inch long in several of the lakes here. I am also looking at the the red but buzzer. good luck
  10. Well boys and girls .....Everything is done I will put them in the mail tomorrow!! I want to say thank you to all of you who joined the swap. I am just getting serious about tying. This swap got me concentrating on all the elements required for building good patterns. My offerings are probably not perfect, but they are definitely improved. I look forward to getting into more swaps to get even better. I just joined a fly club that is about 50 years old and there are a number of members who have been tying for decades. If you have any questions regarding Northwest Fly Fishing, patterns, tactics or just are in the area, let me know and I will see what I can do. Thanks again!!! Here ia what a Wulff Skater looks like.
  11. Chrisfish: It's getting to be that time. I should be done in the next day or so. So I will need to get an address. I will have them in the mail by the weekend. :yahoo: By the way I will throw in a version of the skater just for grins.
  12. Linesides: Did you skip me? I'm in
  13. You will have to give me a bit more information about what a buzzer is. But I just started fishing chronomids in the lakes in BC, Canada and I have a couple of sources up here in Washington that might be able to help. I had 5 guys in for a tying session this spring and the combined tying experience was over 200 years. I am attaching a shot of one of the fly boxes we give away on our club outings. I am in.
  14. Chrisfish: I spent a little time tonight and I am getting the pattern into shape. I will probably have a couple of good ones starting tomorrow. As fer as the Skater is concerned, I googled it and it no longer shows up. The only reference I find is the link, http://www.fishingflyshop.com/wulffskater.html . It is an Atlantic Salmon pattern that looks like a giant Griffins Gnat with a split hair wing. I think I printed out a recipe for it when I started so I will look around and see if I can dial in the URL. If so I will post it. By the way I'm tying a size 12. I want to make sure the quality is up, not just the size down.
  15. I just want to announce I am not a flake and I did not Die. I spent a couple of hours doing the first pass on the Red Wulff. I am sending you a shot of the results. This is the first time I have spent a lot of effort trying to get all the parts right. I have joined a club where a lot of the guys have been tying for a long time. (I had a session with 5 guys and they had roughly 190 years of experience. I am a retired chef, so I do have a contribution.) I appreciate the whole process of fly swaps so I will get this done. By the way I found the pattern on an English site on the web. It also had a recipe for the Wulff Skater. If I can find it again I will send it. Any way here is an image of a prototype Red Wulff. :yahoo: :yahoo:
  16. chisfish I have been busy and just got some free time to work on choosing my pattern. Like I said I am new to fishing in streams. I just moved down from Alaska and have to change gears. I noticed the relatively short list of Wulff patterns, so I have been cruising the web looking for possible candidates. I am down to 3, the H&L Variant, The Red Wulff, ad the Wulff Skater. I want to play with them before I pick one but I should have it in a day or so.
  17. Sorry, I guess I had better learn to look at ALL the pages.
  18. I'm In. I just moved down to Washington from Alaska, and I guess Ihad better get going on some steelhead bugs. The fly? TBD
  19. I'm In. I don't know what pattern I will tie yet. I'm not sure of your address or where to find it. This is new to me. But I'm willing to play.
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