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  1. I’m pressed for time so I am sending in some Tiger midges. They just hit the mail today. Thanks again for hosting! Pickin’
  2. got mine!! Awesome set guys!! Thanks BB for hosting another good one!! Pickin'
  3. All flies sorted and mailed out. A few did not toe tag the flies and some did not have any or enough postage to get back to you. I took care of it and all flies are on their way. It turned out to be a great swap thanks gang! Oh yea Steve didn’t want his set back so you all got one of your flies back. He asked if someone would post pics. If one of you can do that, it would be great. My son nabbed my set and put them in his box Already so I don’t have a set to take pics of thanks again guys! I will post another round if your into it. Pickin’
  4. Sent! I’ll let you know when I have em. So this swap is over as today is the due date. I’m waiting on two sets to arrive and I will sort and get mailed back out just as soon as I can. I’m headed out on a fishing run so I’m thinking the sets will be mailed out Saturday morning. Thanks again to all who joined up! If the interest is there I will keep posting the favorites series and run more if your diggin em. Pickin’
  5. Got a great set from vicrider thanks for joining Nick! less than a week to go on this one gang and missing two sets. Let me know if you need an address. Pickin’
  6. Some crickets just hopped into my mailbox. Thanks WWkimba nice flies!
  7. I know you were teasing I just wanted to send in a nice set of flies. Having not tyed on jigs before they were not my best flies ever. All good thanks again for making the swap possible!
  8. Haha no doubt I need to step it up. My son is quickly surpassing me in the tying game! Not that I’m bummed about that but I have been tying a lot longer. It is nice to see the fly boxes filling up with our flies! That was a first for me tying on the jig hooks my apologies for not being so proficient at them. Great swap BB thanks a bunch for making it happen. Pickin’
  9. Got em! Thanks for sending in an awesome addition to the swap, much appreciated! No worries am glad you joined in! I letcha know when I have 'em!
  10. Chrisfish got your flies yesterday. Very nice ty bud and thanks again for joining. You did forget to toe tag the flies with youR handle, but no big I’ll do it for ya!! Got em yesterday as well.Thanks for jumping in on this one, and offering two flies! Very nice Flies! I have no idea how you can ty that small. But I’ll tell ya what as long as I can get line trough it I’ll be fishing it for sure.
  11. That’s a really cool pattern! I’m going to give it a try! Thanks for posting! Pickin’
  12. Hey Gang, I couldn’t resist going back to hit my local creek again knowing the conditions will only be this good for a few more weeks. We set an early start time at 7:00am to beat the ice chest brigade. That happened to be a great call as we were able to fish the pools the swimmers have been occupying. Within minutes we were into fish! Eager dry fly takes would be the order of the day. Typically a 7-8 inch Trout is nice size fish for this water however, today many larger models were found. Several at 10” which was a pleasant surprise. All dry flies all day. Crisp cool water, clean fish, light crowds and dry fly takes made for a very enjoyable day.
  13. Great report I can’t wait to go back! Thanks for sharing.
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