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  1. Beautiful shots and some nice fish.
  2. It looks a lot like the trico that we get here in Minipi. Thankfully I have never chased the fish on these in the lake. That would be a nightmare to try to get a big brook trout on such a small fly! I know some people that fish the spinner falls in other places and use a spinner pattern similar to the one listed. Although instead of one clump tied in for the wing it's 3 small clumps tied in along the shank. Gives the wings a slightly more realistic profile. Tight lines! Seumas
  3. I picked Brook Trout, but I am a bit biased because I guide for them in Labrador. Netted a nice 7 lb male last week! (here's a pic)
  4. I have a renzetti traveler, but if I would get a norvice if I had the dough! I have also been using these garbage knock off regals and I have been thinking of getting a real one for dry flies and other stuff I want to do fast. I find the knock offs are a lot of frustration because they will go loose and pivot around when you want it to the least. (messes with your tension etc.) Cool thread! SheZ
  5. There have been some beautiful flies coming from the vices and I must say that I am impressed. SheZ
  6. Those should catch some nice fish... in style!!! Lovely dressings Rocky.
  7. I am with John and think that it would be great for you to post your flies on the classic forum. I know that there are lots of us there that hunger to see the kind of creativity and skill that you have. P.S. that last fly is another stunner!
  8. Claudia you did a fantastic job on those flies! Enough to take my breath away. You are amazing.
  9. Judging by the overwhelming reaction I may have a lot of work before the fly pattern is finalized. I guess there's no real need to post the updates.
  10. Those look like killer flies! I love the combo of the orange hackle and the green deer hair. You'll surely catch some nice fish on those flies. SheZ
  11. Here's a fly that I am working on designing for a friend who owns some salmon camps. She is a strong personality with a sense of class and determination. The end result may be different but this is where I stand right now. Thanks S
  12. Here's a dry fly that I use primarily as a caddis fly that live in the stringy grass and have green blobs of eggs on their buts. I use the same pattern for a hair winged mayfly as well. It's basically an elk hair caddis with a bit of calf tail as the tail, the hackle is on the forward body and a bit of hearl on the butt (for the egg cluster). Tail: Brown Calf tail Butt: Hearl Body: Tan dubbing Hackle: Brown Wing: Elk Hair Thread: Black One of my favorites for rising trout. I hope you enjoy. Thanks Seumas (aka SheZ)
  13. Cool thanks for the advice guys. The forst here is full of them, being in Labrador, but I'll have to look into the legality of using the .22 on them. I got a nice rouger 10/22 and the snow is melting so they should be out. Thanks again
  14. I'm not sure if that is the tail that I'm looking for.. the red pine squirrels around here have a flat tail, not unlike the fox squirrel only smaller. Thanks for your input Jeff. S
  15. Hey guys, I am wondering if anyone knows a good source for red pine squirrel tail. I have been looking around and can only find the red fox squirrel tails. I need these for a hair winged salmon fly project that I'm working on. Anyhow any help would be much appreciated. Thanks SheZ
  16. Not a fly, but from the vice. A friend told me that she had a pair of feather earings and they got messed up so I decided to make her something with some of my fly tying supplies. I had a pair of peacock pheasant that wasn't suitable for a fly, cut some shanks short and bingo! I found it hard because I had to tie the goose shoulder in left handed (hard enough to do regularly) but it only took about an hour and a half all together. I hope this isn't so far off topic. S
  17. I voted for how longs as it takes, because I have put some serious time into single flies. These flies are not usually to be fished (not that they wouldn't catch fish), but I may sit down for an hour or two at a time. Most of my dries I usually do in 5 minutes or less. But I could put up to an hour into a streamer. Anyhow, this was an interesting thread. S
  18. I'm in around 25-100 at the moment. When I'm doing a complicated pattern it's closer to 25 and when it's dry flies it's closer to 100. Way less in the summer, to busy on the water! SheZ
  19. Hey I picked a wooly bugger but I think that a muddler is a great pattern too. I'd pick a wooly bugger to drag around while waiting for a hatch for sure. My favorite pattern would have to be a grey wolf size 8-10. Cool thread S
  20. I tie for a local shop here, but I can't say that they are in my collection because they will be sold. I don't keep a lot of my flies and so I must say that I have under 250 flies. I think I will start to concentrate on tying fishing flies for myself because I guide in the summer and it's always good to have an inventory of flies. Anyhow, I enjoyed this thread. SheZ
  21. Flatwaxed I'm glad you like the flies, but It was not my intention to make you feel inadequate. I hope nobody finds this discouraging. Hans I love your soft hackle variations and hope to some day put some together myself. SheZ
  22. Here are some flies I have been working on for fishing.
  23. shezli


    tying rediculous amounts of #8 dries for sale in the summer. usually its franken flies!
  24. I give away mos of the flies i tie. if i need something to fish it just takes a bit to get set up again. s
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