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  1. I have been away for a while. Work, Guiding, Travel,Photography have all eaten away the time. Going to try and post more often and chip in where I can. To those I know--howdy and those I don't I'm Lynn. I start it off with a little photo I took the other day while fishing the Little Laramie River, WY. Take care and comments always welcomed Lynn
  2. Swift---yes it's a Blue Heron looking for a meal in Yellowstone Park. Thanks Swift and GregFred on the comments and glad you enjoyed
  3. Thanks guys! The little one and I spent alot of time together fishing and taking photos. Built in model Mtbbrian---congrats on the new dad thing. Enjoy the heck out of it
  4. There are alot of options out there. Like Johny Utah---the fish don't know the difference Buy what you can afford and have fun!
  5. Just a day on the pond this last summer with the little one. Little Sun Fish Perch Eye Game face on!! Little Crappie It was a fun day. Lots of different species and fun had by all.
  6. BNB===Im going to try and go 1st or 2nd week of March. Redneck---Not sure what I was going to do with the Bear had he come any closer Thanks for the nice words and taking a peek. Lynn
  7. Tybugs1


    Thanks Bigbrownrout
  8. Tybugs1


    Thanks Kirk--That first shot is my all time favorite. It all came together just right. We get a really good hatch of Damsels which last about 6 weeks. During the heaviest they do swarm and they love to eat Callibaetis. To get one on a fly line was very sweet. I didn't know the Damsel had the little red bug on him until I got it on the computer. Just added to the shot. Redneck--hope the bugs work on the tying some up. Have to post some of your results. Hounddog appreciate the comments on the Mayfly. Thanks again guys for the comments and kind words!! Lynn
  9. Riffle---I agree, Birds of prey are always cool!!
  10. D300 and agree with Al on lighting. With the right lighting almost any camera will work really well. Sweet light is awesome when you have it
  11. Thanks oldhat on the Pronghorn. He was looking to pose so I couldn't turn him down.
  12. Thanks on the photos boynabubble. I have not fished the Mile, Grey or Greybull. However, I will be fishing all three along with many other waters sooon. I'm planning on fishing the Grey 1st part of March. The Mile and everything else will follow. Our guide season doesn't start until end of May so lots of time to fish new water this year. My fishing buddy is from Greybull area. I plan on going that direction a time or two Might have to meet us there Lynn
  13. Hi Crotalus I am one in the same person in the SID 5 issue. Thanks on the Kudos and the kind words on the photography. Trying to always get better and do more in the world of photography and writing. Thanks for watching out too. I know it's becoming an issue of people stealing work. Lynn
  14. Damsel on a fly line eating a fine menu of Callibaetis. Damsel sitting pretty on a blade of grass. Callibaetis May Fly sitting pretty on the water. Posing Damsel. Little buggers love to pose. Little red bug going piggy back on a Damsel. Hope you all enjoy and comments are always welcomed.
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