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  1. Yeah i was thinking about getting one myself heard they were good :headbang:
  2. Those are some good looking flies man
  3. Yeah those flies look good man
  4. I just use genetic hackle like the dyed bass ones for my poppers
  5. I need to get on more often so i know when these swaps are going on lol :wallbash:
  6. I really like tying big streamers and buggers but i would say that small and smaller would be hard
  7. Nice dry looks legit :headbang:
  8. I like to trap. Like coyotes, foxes, bob cats, and hogs. In my neck of the woods during winter they drain the lake and the trout streams are closed. Some people say its inhumane but i am controlling the coyote population one at a time :headbang:
  9. Yeah good looking ant man. Soon as i get done tying my nymphs for fishing season(March 11 for north Georgia thank god its almost here) I am going start tying a lot of terestrials.
  10. Well your going to laugh when i tell you this but my fly rod is the 30 dollar shakespear rod at walmart. The line sucks but the rod is alright and the reel is surprisingly would be a good bass reel. The reel i use now my grandpa gave me his reel that he used about once in 1961. Your thinking how does this guy even catch fish well i catch a lot of fish with my crappy set up, but if i had better gear i would not miss as many fish in small creeks. I have plenty of nice flies because i use my spending money toward fly tying stuff and not good fishing gear lol. So i am looking for a nice 3wt rod for under 150 bucks. I could go a few dollars over but i cant afford anything over 180 dollars. Any good suggestions to what i should get would be helpful.
  11. You know i havent really fished boatmans my self either, but i am now cause i know some rainbow trout that would love to get a taste of that fly.
  12. Good looking fly man. Hey if you cant pass that off as a grand daddy long legs then you sure could pass it off as a water spider.
  13. Yeah i am going to go with the other guy and say woolly bugger
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