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  1. Information Technology. I am Director at a footwear company. I have three young kids so my tying is limited to nights with frequent interruption.
  2. Ah yes the recurring dye question. This has been discussed many time. If you do a search on dyeing you will find some other very useful posts. A.K. Best has a good book on the subject Dyeing and Bleaching Natural Fly-Tying Materials (Hardcover). $12 at alibris.com I have used RIT dye successfully on duck feathers. There is also Veniard and Fly dye . http://www.organicdye.com/flydyes.asp. You can buy small jars at http://www.anglersworkshop.com/categories.aspx?catid=1439 . My next dye job will be with the fly dye. From my research and discussions the color is consistent and designed specifically for fly tying material and the owner is a fly fisherman. You should also make sure the temperature of the dye does not get too hot. I believe it is 140 degrees. Too hot and the materials start to react poorly. There is some experimentation on how long to keep the tails in the dye to get the color you want. Consider getting the book or seeing if it is at the local library. You will be much more informed. send me a PM if you have specific questions. Glad to help. Good luck
  3. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Enjoy the day. All the best! Dave
  4. I have had Paul Whillock's book Flies as Art for the past year and finally got the courage to start tying the patterns. Her is an easy one. I think I should start it further back on the hook. Regards, Dave
  5. I made some adjustments and happier with this outcome. I used a TMC2487 Caddis pupae, Emergers, Shrimp. to give me more working room under the hook. I used a finer wire and black furry foam on the legs. Looked for a bunch of pictures to help with proportions. Hope you like it. Thanks, Dave
  6. Sparkleminnow, the body is furry foam.
  7. Thanks Guys. Steelie that you mention that. I did that on a Paul Whillock's caterpiller and the chenille was natural. I had to blow it out and it smelled bad. LOL! Dave
  8. I am not super thrilled with the turnout. The leg proportion gave left me scratching my head and I ended up making mistakes. Wings seem a little long to me but I had fun tying it. It gives me ideas and techniques for the next round. Dave
  9. I finally got around to start tying the flies on Fred's CDs. Here is the black widow. It freaked out my wife. :devil: I have ideas for improving my work but wanted to share the fisrt run. Working on the bee next. Way cool!
  10. Took a few shots during lunch. Enjoy
  11. Hi Fred, I have often thought about this subject with any fly. On one hand I agree with Paul and his calculations but the materials almost seem negligible (except for the exotic feathers and antique hooks). So what is a fair rate per hour? I guess that is up to the tier to decide. I have talked to tiers at shows about their rate or cost of flies and observed their work and honestly gauged my skills (or potential) to them and go from there. I would say the mounting or display case cost more than the fly sometimes! You can always charge a flat cost, knowing what someone might pay. Supply and demand. Although my wife and friends tell me I should sell some of my flies it is more of a pain. My wife sees the time and investment and my friends appreciate hand/custom made flies. For me, I am with you. This isn't a source of income, I am having fun tying and I enjoy sharing my flies. If you change your mind think of your freebies as getting your flies and name get out there. Money isn’t everything. Do what you feel is right.
  12. Fred, I am still in if I can. Also my offer to duplicate the CDs or DVDs is still good. Dave
  13. I keep them in there original container and then organizer them in some form of draw type container by function/type. Blind eye, salmon, dry, wet, streamer, etc.
  14. Terrific Fred! I bookmarked it. I look forward to more!
  15. DaveB


    Thanks guys and thanks to the feedback and resource of this forum. You have all inspired, help me improved my skills, knowledge and passion for tying. Best Regards, Dave
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