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  1. I have found that alot of my baitfish patterns I use in salt water, if scaled down to smaller hooks, I do real well in the ponds we have around the house.
  2. It also been a productive color here in south Florida too. I use it both in soft plastic when I use my spinning gear and flies when I use my fly gear.
  3. I didnt start fly fishing until I moved here in "03" when I discovered the joy of flats fishing. In CA I had my 25 ft boat and did nothing but offshore. Now I use an 18 ft flats boat and kayaks. I wade a little during winter but spring and summer I dont wade due to the big bull sharks I see in the river.....Randy
  4. Cencalfly, Even though I relocated to FL, I was born in the valley. Born in Bakersfield and grew up in Lindsay, not far from you.....Randy
  5. Greetings from SE. Florida. I fish mainly the flats of the Indian River for snook, redfish, seatrout and tarpon.I hope to be a contributing member and laearn as well....Randy
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