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  1. Try E. Hille's in Williamsport, PA. They have a website..."Google" it. Ted will help you w/ whatever you need. Not only blue chenille in med, but a few different shades of blue and several sizes. Great shop...great prices...great people! What more can you ask for? I've been ordering from them since I started tying. I try to stop there on my way home whenever I head back to western NY. Good luck...hope this helps! Tim
  2. Jack is a great guy...I've known him for about 15 yrs, from when I was stationed in Boston. I watched him tie at the UFT meetings and at the Orvis Company store when it was on State St., and used to run into him often at Stoddards. We still keep in touch. I'd been tying for several years when I met him, but watching him really taught me some unique and very useful techniques. He was also instrumental in my break from exclusively fishing freshwater...I learned a lot about striper fishing from him. I'd recommend a seminar with him if you have the opportunity.
  3. Great looking pattern! I'll bet it's a great night fly for big browns... Best, Tim
  4. You should check out Jack Gartside's website www.jackgartside.com. He offers many self-published books of original patterns. And, he's a heckuva nice guy. Try it...you won't be disappointed. Best, Tim
  5. FCF, Thanks for hosting the swap...the flies arrived today, thanks everyone! This was a fun swap. Looking forward to many more! Best, Tim
  6. All, I'm looking forward to receiving the flies! Best, Tim
  7. Thinking of CJCalls and family and sharing their sorrow. Tim
  8. Hello, all! I put mine in the mail today. Please keep the extras for your son, no need to return them. The fly is the "Mr. Bill" and can be seen on Hans Weilenmann's website. The pattern sheet is: Thread: Black Hook: Any streamer hook Tail: Golden pheasant tippets Rib: Silver tinsel Body: Red floss or wool Wing: Gray or black squirrel tail Throat: Grouse saddle fibers-original calls for pheasant tail fibers, but I tied up a bunch of soft hackles using grouse saddle feathers, and didn't want the butt ends to go to waste. Head: Neat thread head, one coat of flexament, iris of white Tulip paint, pupil of black Tulip paint. Coat with two light coats of Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails. Hope you all enjoy the flies... Best, Tim
  9. All, Great flies & another great swap. Thanks to all who participated! Best, Tim
  10. TJD


    Beadhead swap...that's the one! Electronically/technically challenged when I composed my reply...Ooops!
  11. TJD


    Any updates on this swap? I sent my pkg off toward the end of Aug. Best, Tim
  12. Please send me a mailing address...the flies will be in the mail as soon as I receive it! Thanks, Tim
  13. Great fishing at the north end of Seneca Lake for all warmwater species. Pike, pickeral, LM, SM, panfish. Too warm now for the trout and salmon on fly tackle. Early and late in the day might be better due to boat traffic. Sinking tip/sinking lines sometimes better if the temps have been high. Baitfish imitations, chartreuse or white woolly buggers, and Clousers work well. Yellow hairbugs for the bass. Standard nymphs for the panfish. Good fishing! Tim
  14. Is the swap still open? If it is, pls count me in! Thanks, Tim
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