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  1. it has grown since... but its still as messy! Hey, I know where to find my stuff... not my problem if no one else can.... LOL...
  2. I will be in Chicago (Glendale Heights) for a month or two... Starting sept 30th. I'm not working and free anytime... Lets go fishing! Give me a buzz... Josh 702-835-3458
  3. I will be in the Chicago area for a month or so starting Sept 30th..... I have no knowledge of the area or fishing prospects. I'm not working so I am completely free on anyday! Sure would like to get into a mess of gills, or perch.... or anything with fins for that matter. Pass my number on if anyone knows anyone who might be interested! Josh 702-835-3458
  4. sounds like it will definitely work! I'd rather wrap than cut.... Less waste!
  5. I would jump off the band wagon.... 19.99 for a dvd is of course a good price, but maybe you should consider 14.99 or 9.99 for a shorter dvd.... The less expensive, the more you'll sell. Less than 19.99 will draw a lot of attention!
  6. saw the first pic and thought about running out to find a few sticks of my own to show off! :hyst:
  7. Look at those chompers in #2!! Sorry... I don't know the proper nomenclature for bug parts... LOL
  8. What did you use to display the cricket in your photo? Are those teeth marks? LOL
  9. sweet! I cant pronounce it...... I'd name it albino cricket! LOL....
  10. Glad to hear I'm not the only thread sucker! :whistle: For a dubbing teaser I use the stiff side of velcro.... Use the sticky side and fold it over an old bodkin. Works amazingly perfect, the harder you press it into the fly, the more dubbing it pulls..... I used to clean my bodkin in the seat cushion of my chair... :dunno: Words to the wise... She will get mad when she finds out! I had a small sand bag made from heavy canvas and packed it as much as I could..... a few swipes through that with your bodkin will make it shine like new!
  11. bought some dk blue ultra wire...... this stuff is crazy! I clip off a few inches at a time so I can tie several flies. Don't set this stuff down, it will dissapear! Perfect for 18's and smaller, and considering how many flies can be tied from one spool, a buck and a half isn't a bad investment. Get some in silver, and complete your 'Sharpie' collection! :headbang:
  12. Im playing with this one today! I'm thinking by replacing the cone with some big 'ol dumbell eyes will always keep the hook pointed up, and away from those leader snapping rock bass! LOL.....
  13. should nickname this one "dinner bell"
  14. I need to go add some of my drys to the ol' tree to make room for that one......
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