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  1. Welcome to the site Great bunch of people here with lots of kwowledge and info Tight lines MIKE
  2. picketpin


    Thanks for the info guys .I can alwas depend on you gentlemen Tight lines MIKE
  3. If your like me and put lots of flies in your fly box a few get crushed down .take your hemos.and hold under a kettle of boiling water the steam will fluff them back up .just air dry with a few flicks of the wrist and there you fly looks new again. tight lines MIKE
  4. Welcome aboard paymaster . there is a lot of nice people on here and lots of information . thght lines Mike
  5. picketpin


    Thanks OSD my avatar looks awsom tight lines MIKE
  6. picketpin


    hi guy what is a good but not to hard on the pocket book would like to sent a few patterns in . I dont know what size to get.. tight lines MIKE
  7. picketpin


    thanks osd will check out web sites for a colourful male brook troutand get back to you again thank you thiht lines MIKE
  8. hang in there man. Its alot like fly fishing if this not working tie on another one good luck tight lines MIKE
  9. picketpin


    here is a stupid question how do I post an avatar for my self. I do not have one of those dig. cameras.I iam not to good on the computer. tight lines MIKE
  10. try cabelas orvis bass pro shops hook and hackle cheers mike
  11. tie any small streamer you like just down size this is best done with hair wings tight lines MIKE
  12. Hey guys what is your favorite fly? mine is a picketpin it doesent look like any thing but it sure works fine .You can thy any size . you can tie as dry wet or streamer with a small modification of hook size and feather style. this fly i fish for perch to salmon . this is one fly i use all the time for walleye . thght lines MIKE
  13. nice looking fly (the more you tye the brtter you get.keep them comming tight lines MIKE
  14. really nice looking fly.nice form and colour this wold work very nice here on lake huron and streams again very nice fly tight lines MIKE
  15. Hi guys . well I have been amember fora couple of weeks now so i wold like to introduce my self iam PICKETPIN real handle Mike iam from birch island manitouland ont. Canada. I have been retire fo 5yrs now.Ihave been tying flies for yearsssssssssss. love fly fishing I dont know how to use my computer all that well.so I dont know how to post an AVATAR for my self as yet thank for have me tight lines Mike PS love this site
  16. the best fly I found for your area is a picketpin .i have caught every thing from salmon to perch. thi is another fly that looks like nothing seems to fool fish nomatter how its is used .this fly can be tyed in any size and can be fishedas a dry wet or nymph a streamer all with a little change in hook and body size good luck fishing . ilove this fly for my area here on manitoulin island and areas close to me as l live right on the water. tight lines. MIKE
  18. use Sally Hanson hard as nails fingernail polish with nylon it has the brush aready in it and it does a good job .let it dry and apply a second coat ibeen using this and other cements for over 30 years TIGHT LINES MIKE
  19. Welcom to the forum nice to see more people from ontario. iam from manitouland island my self.as far as fly fishing ido lots on the island hope to to fish the bruce pen. this summer tight lines MIKe
  20. The best wax i found is from wapsi super sticky formula. also if you know any bee keepers try to get bee wax also good for cleaning glasses for fog and steam tight lines MIKE
  21. If your looking for antron yard. Go to WalMart and get some its call aunt lindas antron yarn all kinds of colors&thickness tight lines MIKEl
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