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  1. I like the fly. Do the mallard feathers get fouled up very often with either hook ?
  2. robow7


    Well I tied up one of the pine squirrel snakes and it fished quite well today. Short 2" continuous strips and that tail demonstrates a nice snake like movement that stays on top. I didn't fish it long but caught several with the largest of the day, a fat 18.5" that sucked it down. Thanks for the inspiration.
  3. robow7


    I like your creations and want to hear how you do with that segmented cut circle foam snake. What about a foam popper body head and a thin piece of pine squirrel tied in the rear ? Yes, I know the pine squirrel will sink but if moved quickly enough, it might slide around near the top. It might be worth a try for the smallies.
  4. There are a million different ideas on what constitutes an ideal bass leader (and I've probably tried most of them) but basically what I've found that works for me after chasing smallies for a few decades is shown below. This keeps it relatively simple and doesn't contain too many knots. Like Lefty, I use Berkley Big Game for most of my leaders. 4 ft of 30 lb test 3 ft of 20 lb test 2 - 2.5 ft of 10 lb test
  5. Simple but oh so effective. Well done
  6. Should have saved that beauty for the 17th
  7. Oh yea, stealing the above foam wing divider for sure.
  8. Mark, take a look at the handle, whether it is straight or bent. By far most have the standard head.
  9. Do any of you Regal vise owners have the Big Game vise head and do you feel it could replace the more standard jaws if you spent most of your time tying size 1/0 to 12 with the majority of the work in the size 1 to 4 range. I know what Regal's recommendations are for each head but wonder what your feelings are on the Big Game head and can it really pull off the range that they state, 5/0 to 22. As always, thank you for your input.
  10. Thanks Silver Creek for that wonderful tip, one of those "why didn't I think of that". And yea, love my Renzetti tool caddy. And above, nice out of the box thinking on that bobbin hanger !
  11. I too have owned my Regal for over 20 years and exactly one time did it "spit" a hook on me, and of course it was my fault for not seating the hook properly. I'm not saying it's the best vise out there but I do think this gets way over played. Now, I will admit that I spend most of my time tying on larger hooks and rarely smaller than 14's so maybe that's why I have been so lucky. As for me, a vise that I will never buy again, was an older HMH, it wouldn't hold larger hooks worth a poop though I was working within their stated acceptable range. It was great for smaller hooks and I know others that never had a problem with their larger hooks slipping but I was not that fortunate. As far as true rotary, you need not spend more than a Peak IMO.
  12. In opposition to Jack, I have noticed on many utube videos of people tying flies, that some will just continue to wrap and wrap and wrap and then wrap some more when only a couple turns of well placed thread would have been more than adequate to accomplish the task at hand.
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