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  1. so just to clarify, you fish with a 20 foot leader? and are you fishing with multiple flies?
  2. For all who struggle with fly proportions, there is a great piece in the newest aug-sep 2013 fly fisherman magazine on fly proportions with great diagrams/pictures. If I would've had this when I was first starting tying, I would be a lot further in my progress. I just thought I would pass this along. Matt
  3. so your one of thosssseee guys.
  4. this is cool, I made my first fly rod a year ago, it is fairly easy and rewarding. as for your reel seat question, there are things called arbors that you put on the blank to take up the gap. you can also use thin masking tape.
  5. if a hide sweats after 3 weeks of salting, there is NOOOOOO way you scraped that thing enough. i boraxed a whole hide for two weeks and that thing was as dry as a board.
  6. yeah sorry about that, i did mean the homestead dam.
  7. I know the betsie is well known for salmon and steelhead, but has anybody ever had success for the browns and brookies that are supposed to be in this river? i kjust blew a whole weekend at this river just below the hodenpile dam, and the bwo's and few caddisflies were hatching, but nothing was rising and i fished every kind of fly. im stumped right now because ive been told that the betsie has some decent trout fishing. any words of advice or knowledge of places would help me a ton. thanks
  8. those flies look phenominal! good work and good luck on em!
  9. i use paint thinner, like the stuff you would use for the paint for model cars.
  10. one time i was using rainbow flash tinsel material and head cement at the same time and when i trimmed the tinsel, there was a tag end left so i decided to singe it off... well i forgot that when tinsel burns, it drips down in flame. i had left my cement bottle open and the flame drop landed in my head cement bottle, cauiong it to go into flames. luckily i had enough time to put it out before any real damage was done.
  11. i would love to try em out if you got some left! drop a pm on me and ill send you my addy
  12. im 15 years old and have been commercialy tying for 5 years and i have already spent well over 10k
  13. i like to use the leather for mouse patterns. i use for for the ears and the tail. other then that, i have no other uses for it other than the occasional body... my two cents
  14. tis may not answer the specific question your asking, but it may give you an idea. i started commercial tying 7 years ago, and when i did i did this: split diferent kinds of flies to different groups, according to difficulty, time consumptiuon, and material cost make a set price for each group of similar flies. my prices looked somewhat like this dry flies, easy flies, simple, cheap flies-1.50 smaller wets, soft hackles, more complex dry flies-2.00 small streamers, large wets, hexes, and fairly complex flies- 2.50 large streamers, articulated flies- 2.99 keep in mind that the shop i was tying for was keeping 20 percent. i was able to get what i wanted from them. theres my 2 cents. feel free to pm me with any questions you may have
  15. thanks guys, that really helped out alot. i also had one more question. is wax a nessecity for everything that you dub?
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