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  1. Here is a funny story that happened to me with the TSA...... Myself and a group of my fellow brothers in blue were going to Talladega for the spring race last year, We were on a lay over in Cleveland and got jumbled around in the terminal and ended up having to go back through the security checkpoints. My buddy after getting his bag raided in Albany had half of his personnal hygene items confiscated, he really didnt care because they left him enough to get by for the week while were going to be in Alabama. Well we go through the Cleveland terminal they confiscate the remaining items, Now he is torqued. Now mind you We are all trained through our job to be consistent in everything we do day in and out, so that is why he got angry. He started yelling at them on how it can be allowed to go through Albany but not in Cleveland, so the kid working, who was way younger than any of us started to scream on him....it went horribly wrong for the young fella from TSA who went walking away crying from the ass chewing he received...that was run in number one. While me and my other co worker were going through we get pulled aside to go through the scanning booths and wanded, The TSA agent goes to us stupidly I only pulled you guys aside because I saw your shields in your wallets when you gave me your drivers licenses....and I knew you guys would not have anything. I lost it at that point and was like you gotta be f%*^ing kidding me, it makes me feel real safe to know that you guys are doing your god **%# jobs... to the applaud of everyone around us. Least to say I dont enjoy making a scene but I am firm believer in doing your job and doing it right and felt like something needed to be said to those idiots because by doing what they did imho did not make anyone feel safe.......
  2. Thanks Hub ! Lol its funny you mention that saw a fight not to long along with the same materials, but a can of french cut green beans to the melon instead of our favorite jack mack
  3. I am so very sorry if everyone is waiting on me, been tied up with a family emergency the past two weeks, I do have the twenty flies ready to go if someone could please provide me with joe's addy that way i can get them out rush delivery on monday Kevin
  4. Ian, i shipped out my flies on friday hopefully they will arrive safely to your hands Kevin
  5. does the whole thing have to be deer hair or can it have other material like a muddler
  6. I have a few St. Croix's too (I have Legend Ultras) and I love them. I usually over-line my rods by one weight also, it usually casts much better for me. I hear what you're saying about the larger reel, the only downside I see is weight. I like an outfit that feels light in the hand. I've never used Okuma reels so I don't know much about them. Is this for smallmouth?? Good luck. tom large mouth, small mouth, maybe some carp, some panfish to i tend to go light i like the action lol
  7. I cant wait to see what eastern fly ties up if its anything like that sex dungeon he did for our kelly galloup streamer swap you guys are all in for a treat ! Kevin
  8. So in preparation for the NY Ice out in March and after an OT shift or two at the house of iron and steel I picked up a new Fly Rod and Reel set up...it goes as follows St.Croix 9' 6wt Reign 4 Piece Okuma SLV 7/8 wt. Reel 30 yards of Hi Vis Braided Backing at 30lbs of test by Cortland 90 ft of Cortland Presentation Bass WF 7wt Fly Line and after standing in the back yard giving a few casts I was extremely impressed with the setup ! I know it is a 6 wt and I should have 5/6wt reel but I like the larger arbor due to less line memory on it and I tend to go one weight over with line to get a little better performance let me know what you guys think i will post pictures in a bit Kevin
  9. Barry Reynolds has a dvd on flyfishing for carp its avaiable through netflix.... gives you some very good pointers i actually got done tying up some carp flys last night four of his go to patterns are the clouser swimming nymph weighted an all white woolly bugger weighted/unweighted, a cottonwood seed imitation, and a crayfish heavily weighted I have a material list and pictures of all if anyone is interested on tying these up ! Kevin
  10. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Bulldog5485: Bluegill Imitation
  11. This is what I will be tying up for the swap hope everyone likes Kevin
  12. Ahhh what the hell.... Im in TBD Kevin
  13. Allright gentlemen here is a picture of some stuff I have been working on lately, as for this swap and am going to go with a green and glass beaded hungarian patridge soft hackle....... these are my addiction and I fully blame bigdaddy for this addiction ! Kevin muddler.bmp - The muddler daddy - The Superman picture doesnt do it justice changed blue wire to red still looks good
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