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  1. wow, thats great! thanks and i will have to pick me up one! Loren
  2. any fishing memory is good no matter what you caught it on Loren
  3. nice guys, hey whats a furled leader? i hear you can make your own? Thanks Loren
  4. thanks bigdaddyhub. i keep hearing the term ;furled leader'. what is a furled leader? i heard you can make your own? thanks Loren
  5. wow, sound slike alot of work but worth while when you get good at it. i hope i get a deer this year so i can try it out thanks Loren
  6. looks good, im certainly jealous Loren
  7. what type of body is on the one three down on the top?
  8. well today, flydude, and i went bass/panfishing at our favorite spot. we were catching ok sized bass off of all of the bugs i made. i was super pumped. man, i love fly fishing
  9. i gree up fishing for trout and i catch them all the time. you will soon know why everyone likes it. have fun Loren
  10. i live in washington, about an hour north of seattle, you get used to the rain and all the great things that follow Loren
  11. #1 when people ask if i have caught anything and i either have nothing in my hands or a bag full. #2 people crowding to one area #3 kids disturbing the water #4 people swimming at the boat launch while you are trying to come in #5 hard headed people that think their bait/lure/fly is the best #6 when people keep casting next to or right at you #7 when people cast right next to you when they suddenly see you catch a fish #8 when someone cast into your line and insists that you cut your own #9 when people claim their best friend is a pro fisherman and tells you how to fish and alot more but i cant think of them at the moment. Loren
  12. well i totaly agree with you mike. you seem like a ver understanding person which is great. on alot of forums, people explode way to easily and its so nice to be able to just sit here and chat with fellow outdoorsman who support eachother so much. and i would personally love to have every one of us get together. thank you for your kindness. Loren
  13. those look good. its cool to see beginners as i am one myself, except you get a great tyer to teach you lol. Loren
  14. oooh, i might have another excuse to go back to my favorite store lol Loren
  15. yeah, i hook alot of fish and lose them, its better than not hooking anything at all lol. Loren
  16. ^^^^^^lol i want to know if photobucket works on here and also to share a pic of a grouse my dad shot this past season, that about average size. and those are what mountains look like. yes i am surrounded by them, and since my dad is a logger, he has the key to any gate we need to get through. if anyone wants more pics, i will give you my photobucket url. thanks Loren
  17. well sometimes the best thing for a deer hit by a car is to be shot. why put an injured deer through a life where it can barely walk or function? i know what you mean by what you said, we have alot here and i know alot, but like somebody said above, a redneck would usually keep the meat. i know several guys that do that, and its not a bad thing, game wardens actually encourage it. in the end, no hard feelings mike Loren
  18. ooooh makes me kinda want some. post a pic of a fly that you have tied please! Loren
  19. thanks for taking the time to explain to me what cdc is guys. i really appreciate it Loren
  20. looks sweet. here is a deer hair popper that i am about to trim into the final shape.
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