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  1. seems to me like a threadjack! lol, what do you mean by connected to the skin? i have heard of people calling the skin the part that the feather fibers are attched to? Loren
  2. nice find roby, it kinda looks like my dads old pole
  3. that looks like a good kit, and its cheap too. i would get it. Loren
  4. since im not too familiar with materials, can anyone tell me what they used? it looks like they just wrapped thread around the shank, tied in some type of feather, added some tinsel, and its done.
  5. Hey Guys, I am just wanting to know if anyone has tied these before. My dad has used them alot for trout and made me a believer when i trolled a local lake and got my limit in an hour. I am almost positive this is the name of them. Thanks, Loren
  6. here is a collection of all the poppers i have made so far. bass poppers on the right, panfish poppers on the left and the two cedar panfish poppers
  7. thanks again, its just a premade body, splattered with black paint, poly for the body, deer bucktail for the tail, and black saddle hackle for the collar
  8. im a beginner too. i have the cabelas aa vise, the clamp sucks, its always moving on my desk, also, it holds the hooks with an ok grip but could be better. the rotaion on it worked good the first time i used it, now i have to hold the part that tightens the jaws, in order for it to rotate without loosening the grip on the hook. otherwise, it has worked ok, but my friend (flydude) think the nor-vise is badass. the reason i quoted you is because fly tying is an addiction. Happy tying! and i Loren
  9. that fly is hot! i have the same 3D eyes. i cant wait to get better at deer hair poppers so i can try this one! Loren
  10. haha im 7/8 finnish, cool pattern though Loren
  11. thanks mike, it wasnt too hard, but thats probably because it looks like crap
  12. what company makes those? also, i tried make a deer hair popper just a little while ago. i didnt use enough hairand i gave little effort on my hair trimming. but i realized how cool they look when they are done right. here is a pic
  13. just get the premade popper bodies and spice it up, im a beginner, they are easy. by the way, im going to need to more hooks, any suggestions on which one si get for poppers?
  14. yes, i will agree, with you, i have picked up stuff around the house that work great. thanks guys Loren
  15. isnt grizzly hackle expensive? also, i havent learned how to tie in a weed guard so any advice would be be nice, thanks for the replies guys Loren
  16. i will have to go to the local michael's soon, i will go there before i go to sportsmans warehouse, then i can compare prices. but thanks utyer. Loren
  17. Hey guys, today i made up these body/hook combos and before i put feathers on them, i would like to know what i should go with for materials and what colors. any help would be a plus, and i am limited on supplies so it might be a while before they get done. Thanks, Loren
  18. Hey guys! I am just wondering where i can get stuff for tying bass poppers and just regular flies, for cheap. Does anyone on here get stuff from craft stores? thanks guys, Loren
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