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  1. I'm looking for a formula to tie a smallmouth bass leader that will work for streamers and top water flies. I'm fishing a floating line. Thanks
  2. Really nice. I have to tie some smaller ones for smallmouth bass.
  3. Beautiful pile of bluegills.
  4. That's very interesting and worth trying.
  5. I love eating catfish. To catch them that big would be awesome on a fly rod.
  6. That video is fantastic. I remember Curt Gowdy filming his show all over the world.
  7. They Look great. Did you follow a pattern?
  8. I can smell them frying.
  9. I'm so happy for you and the girls. A day they'll always remember. I love to eat catfish.
  10. Great images and I always appreciate bug images, especially these that are so sharp and clear. Thanks
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