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  1. Here is some info about rod action from Wikipedia. As it seems your a little confused on this subject. Hope it helps you out... Action "Action" refers to the responsiveness of the rod to bending force (bending curve), and the speed with which the rod returns to its neutral position. An action may be slow, medium, fast, or a combination (e.g. medium-fast.) Fast Action rods flex most in the tip section. Slow rods flex more towards the butt of the rod. The construction material and construction method of a rod affects its action. Action, however, is also often a subjective description of a manufacturer; some manufacturers list the power value of the rod as its action. A "medium" action bamboo rod may have a faster action than a "fast" fibreglass rod. Action is also subjectively used by anglers, as an angler might compare a given rod as "faster" or "slower" than a different rod. A rod's action and power may change when line weight is greater or lesser than the rod's specified range. When the line weight used greatly exceeds a rod's specifications a rod may break before the line parts. When the line weight is significantly less than the rod's recommended range the line may part prematurely, as the rod cannot fully flex to accommodate the pull of a given weight fish. In fly rods, exceeding weight ratings may warp the blank or have casting difficulties when rods are improperly loaded. The action refers to how much a rod bends when a fisherman is casting or have a fish at the end of the line. An extra fast action rod bends just at the tip. A fast action bends in the last quarter of the rod. A moderate-fast action rod bends over the last third. A moderate action rod bends over the last half. A slow action rod bends all the way into the handle. Fast action rods allow the fisherman to make longer casts.
  2. I would say when fishing those smaller streams in the Smokies you shouldn't fish it any different than fishing for trout in a small freestone streams you normally fish. I think experimenting and finding the right pattern by yourself is the fun part of fly fishing. Myself, I would fish some smaller size standard nymph patterns and don't forget about midge pupa. Those trout do get selective on them streams and often key on the midge pupa. Good luck, Also check with the local fly shop in the area as they should be willing to help you with what is hatching and the fly selection you need for the given time your fishing them streams In July you could do well fishing "Little Yellow Stoneflies"
  3. Yup.. I got them last week. Very nice tyes, The colors in the pic just confused me. Since your flies are so vivid in color and looked so different in person to me. Guess b/c I was looking at them in the container under my OttLite and that mother of perl shellback material (Shrimp Foil) stuck in my head.
  4. Good question..I was wondering that myself
  5. Just a friendly reminder that your swap flies need to be in the mail in only 10 days.
  6. Cool 50 pack..What's the going price for them?
  7. Thanks for the update on shipping and the quick tying.
  8. Well this month my taste of music changed when tying flies. I'm now listening to Contemporary Instrumental.Piano solos, acoustic ensembles, Celtic, world, and classical interpretations. I also enjoy listening to all the puremoods & instrumentalmoods on the Ipod.
  9. NJFlyMAn

    Lyme disease

    Where in NY you fishing? I was in the Catskills fishing. Don't you just love them NY hatches and being able to fish some big dry fly patterns Congrats on them fish... Hope you feel better soon.
  10. Rodd. Sounds like a great leader formula. Can you convert the math down to what pound test line you use? Example .020 diameter is about 25lbs test line?
  11. NJFlyMAn

    Lyme disease

    Since I have been suffering from pain in my left arm/shoulder for about five weeks now. And the symptoms aren't getting any better and now I feel run down and have no energy the last two days. So I'm going to see my doctor tomorrow and see what's up. I had received some shots for protecting your self against Lyme many years ago. So i pray they can test me without getting a false reading. Also, if anybody has/had this disease what type of meds schedule were you on? Wife is telling me I now must give up about 30 days of fishing in the daytime b/c I cant be out in the sun with one type of med they give you? Or is she just yanking my chain? Well at this time i need some prayers from you all, and hope in less then 24 hours it's not lyme disease or a tear in the rotator cuff. And it's just a pinched nerve/muscle. B/c 30 days of fishing just the evening hatch will just do me in.
  12. Hip Hip Hooray!!! ... I got it unstuck with letting it sit overnight and using stuff one uses for shelf liners that is rubber and gives one a good grip.. As for it keeping me off the water. I still have 3 other 9' 4wt rods. So I'm loosing no time on the water b/c of it.
  13. Maybe it's time to just to try brute force it off. If you break it, Say La Vi, its covered by warranty anyway. - Surf Fisherman Yup...That's the plan on Monday. If she don't loosen up from just sitting around the house. Then she's getting some brute force on her until she snaps either way
  14. Just wondering when tying/creating a new pattern you have never fished before. How many do you tye up for testing/fishing. And if they work? how many then of each size of that pattern? Lately I've been tying about a half dozen of a new pattern. But thinking I should scale it down to only three nymphs of a new pattern. Thinking with only three nymphs of a new pattern I should still be fine, and should catch a fish before losing all three of them on the bottom from rocks/snags??? What do you think?
  15. Funny you should ask that question. I said the same thing to the manufacture today on the phone, that I didn't want to pay for oversize shipping when returning this rod. He said just break the rod if your sending it back and it wont be a problem, since i called in about the problem today. And this problem I experienced with the rod should never of happened and it's fully covered under warranty 100%.
  16. Well my graphite fly rod is stuck and I can't get it apart. Thinking the the 40F temp swing today caused the problem? I had the rod in the car overnight in 40F temps. And then fished today and the temps climbed into the 80's. I took the rod into three different fly shops in town and nobody could get it apart. Does anybody have a method that they use that maybe i'm overlooking? I called the fly rod manufacture and they said let it sit out in the house for a few days and the try again on Monday. If can't get it unstuck, I was told to mail it back, and they will replace it free of charge.
  17. Mcgx2 & Yetavon glad to have you guys. Only one spot is open for this swap. First person with "I'm in" gets it.
  18. Glad to have you..We still have three spots open at this time..
  19. A few years ago my good friend who lives on lake Hopatacong in NJ decided to do some evening fly fishing for some bass and other panfish along the shallow weed beds in 2'-8' of water that the bottom was rocky & soft in some spots. We were using Clouser minnows at the time and doing great on all types of panfish. All of a sudden the bite stopped in this one area for a few minutes. But we kept fishing it b/c it had many feeding lanes and the area should produce fish just like the other spots we were fishing. So I kept casting my Clouser into the feeding lanes and wham.. I hooked into a nice 30"+ Musky that broke me off in under a minute after a somewhat aerial display on my 2x tippet. But just getting that glimpse of him & the quick break off got me & my friend hooked into going after Musky when the water is too warm for trout fishing. So maybe with the right Musky fly you tied and the correct leader/tippet, When I hook into another one under 10,000 casts. I hope to get it in and get a pic and post it up.
  20. If you like Umpquality, and one of them guys that never settle for less than Tiemco Here is two places that sells Tiemco hooks in 100 packs.. http://www.thetroutfitter.com/catalog/flytying/ftiemco.html http://www.fishwest.net/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Category_Code=flytyinghooks Or if any bulk hook will do for your tying needs, Then you should check out this site sponsor along with the other sponsors that sell hooks. J. Stockard fly fishing hook 100 pack. http://www.jsflyfishing.com/cgi-bin/category/52500
  21. Swap is looking good. We only have 6 open spots left for this swap.
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