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  1. fishing license in germany Fishing rod licence and permit in Germany - Where to fish? (fishinglicence.eu) 2.2 Foreign visitors: Except of the federal state Bremen and Hamburg, foreigners can obtain a fishing rod licence without passing an exam. Information on where to obtain the fishing rod licence can be found here. However, knowledge of German (a translator) is necessary and eventually some phone calls. Before you actually go fishing, make sure you have got a valid fishing permit from the owner for the particular water you want to fish!
  2. Beadhead Red Fox Squirrel Hair Nymph - Larva Hook - Mustad Heritage C068XAP or equivalent Bead - Copper or gold brass or tungsten Thread - Brown Tail - Pheasant tail Ribbing - Oval gold tinsel Abdomen - Whitlock SLF Red Fox Squirrel Abdomen dubbing Thorax - Whitlock SLF Red Fox Squirrel Thorax dubbing Red Fox Squirrel Hair Nymph - Larva - Dave & Emily Whitlock (davewhitlock.com)
  3. Carters bug - Step by Step Patterns & Tutorials - Fly Tying (flytyingforum.com)
  4. i'm in beadhead red fox squirrel tail larva
  5. Copper Herniator Hook - TMC 200R or equivalent, size 4-14 Thread - Black Abdomen - Copper braid or holographic tinsel Thorax - Peacock herl Underwing - Peacock herl tips Overwing - Copper flashabou or krystal flash Hackle - Guinea On The Fly (rogueflyfishers.org)
  6. next challenge fly is a Whitlocks Red Fox Squirrel Tail Nymph
  7. your welcome page navigation wasnt working earlier today for me but now it does its hit or miss
  8. i'll take the traditional quill winged wet fly Hemlock Hook - Mustad 3399, 3906 or equivalent Thread - Black Body - Gray floss (or uni stretch) Throat - Brown hackle fibers Wing - Dark brown turkey Trout - Ray Bergman next challenge fly is a Whitlocks Red Fox Squirrel Tail Nymph
  9. Deep Dancer Simon Johannson Hook - Standard nymph/wet style Bead - Black tungsten Thread - Orange Tail - Pink or UV pearl krystal flash Hot spot - Orange tying thread Body - Purple holographic tinsel Thorax - Bronze ice dub or sybai spectra flash dubbing
  10. David's Tellico Nymph Golden Stonefly Imitation Hook - Mustad 9761 or 2X Nymph hook #4-16 Thread - Yellow/brown Weight - A few turns of "lead" wire if desired Tail - Several barbules of guinea breast feather Wing Case - Four to eight strands of peacock herl Ribbing - One or two strands of peacock herl Body - Yellow floss Collar - Brown hackle The Telllico Nymph (uky.edu) I tied it per the recipe in the link, but some sort of wire/monofilament/thread rib should be incorporated to protect all of that peacock herl
  11. do we get credit for being researchers? 😀 maybe some museums can help you out Fly Fishing Museums - Casting Across The Red Boat Mark Chronicles : A day at the Montana Fly Fishing Museum (part 1) Welcome (spencerewert.com)
  12. i'll take the letort hopper Letort Hopper Hook - Curved style Thread - Yellow Body - Dubbing in your choice of color Wing - Mottled turkey and deer hair Head - Deer hair, trimmed the next challenge fly is a Czech Nymph
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