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  1. What is the collar material on your big eye fly pattern Thank you in advance
  2. a renzetti traveler has 2 ways of tightening the rotation
  3. Dr Breck Hook - Wet fly Thread - Black Tail - Jungle cock Body - Silver tinsel Hackle - Crimson Wing - White with red stripe Trout - Ray Bergman
  4. from mike valla's book. i guess thats where the bucktail comes in
  5. thanks for sharing the photos mark
  6. yup i dont know how valla sneaked in the bucktail under wing in the recipe 😁 bates book does not have an underwing in its recipe
  7. in both recipes in vallas book, bucktail is the underwing whether its right or wrong only oatman would know
  8. 211 to 186 thats no longer a basketball game glad i didnt watch that farce
  9. next challenge fly is an.....Emerald Shiner
  10. Golden Darter Hook - Mustad 3665A Thread - Black 6/0 UNI-Thread Tail - Turkey quill slip Rib - Gold Lagartun flat French tinsel (medium) Body - Yellow floss Throat - Jungle cock body feather Wing - Badger saddle hackles over brown bucktail Cheeks - Jungle cock eyes The Classic Streamer Fly Box - Mike Valla Note - Mike Valla's book has 2 recipes for the Golden Darter, "Original" and "Variation". However the recipes are identical. The photo in the book for the "Original" is slightly different that the "Variation". I could not find the "Original" recipe on the internet
  11. if you are in the uk what about glasgow angling center? Search results for: fritz – Glasgow Angling Centre (fishingmegastore.com)
  12. maybe fulling mill has what you need The Blob Fly. The Success and Development of a deadly pattern... - Fulling Mill Blog check the answer to your question here (69) jelly fritz | Fly Fishing Forum
  13. Jock Scott (Sherbrooke) Hook - Wet fly Thread - Black Tail - Brown hackle wisps Ribbing - Gold tinsel - Artist shows black ribbing Hackle - Guinea or woodcock. speckled black and white Wing - Gray mottled turkey or alternate as shown - brown I tied it per the artists rendering Trout - Ray Bergman
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