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  1. origin unknown to me. only the recipe is given in the book both book authors are now dead so the history passed with them its quite possible it was named for ted williams. i know he was a fisherman but i dont know if he fished for atlantic salmon
  2. Teddy Baseball Hook - Gamakatsu T10-6H Thread - Black Tail - Golden pheasant crest Butt - Yellow floss Ribbing - Oval silver tinsel Body - Black wool Throat hackle - Black Wing - *Greyish mottled monkey hair over 2 strands each of red and yellow floss Shoulder - Jungle cock *Grey squirrel tail is the closest I have to greyish mottled monkey hair Hair-wing Atlantic Salmon Flies - Keith Fulsher & Charles Krom
  3. Arrowhead Hook - Standard 1XL wet fly hook Thread - Black or Brown Tail - 2 hen hackles, grizzly an brown tied in at the bend so their tips extend to about 1 shank length, do not clip Body - Peacock herl Palmer Hackle - The hackle from the tail, palmered to the hook eye
  4. The link for the stayer ducktail was already in my post above
  5. ready for toe tags Walt's Sexy Worm (Rainbow Variation) Hook - Curved or straight Weight - Bead Thread - Red Ribbing - Mirage Opal Tinsel Body - Rainbow sow/scud dubbing
  6. you know its not and i never said it was but its in the article in the link tie one up and post your photo
  7. brown owl history https://globalflyfisher.com/patterns/the-brown-owl https://www.nhflytyer.com/blog/brown-owl-fly
  8. i dont see what you posted is a "grizzly king" heres some grizzly king fly pattern - Google Search are you inquiring on "brown owl" or "grizzly king"?
  9. its flytire sure you can use olive dubbing or even olive yarn
  10. i know you said its your version, but its not really a stayner ducktail "Stayner Ducktail - Marv Taylor - Fly Angler's OnLine (flyanglersonline.com)
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