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    Fly tyers

    never knew them
  2. From Charlies website For 42 years I've been raising hackle chickens, and enjoying every minute of it. Then, on April 23, 2022 my life changed. Medical issues arose in my family that would require my full attention. No longer would I be able to spend 3-5 hours a day in a chicken barn & still deal with the issues at hand. What I thought would be one of the hardest decisions I'd ever make became one of the easiest. On April 24, 2022 I walked downstairs, unplugged the incubators, put roughly 2,300 eggs in buckets, and dumped them in the back field. And, just like that, I was done raising hackle chickens--amazingly, without a single regret. No, I am not out of business yet. I have a huge inventory of capes to sell that should last at least 3-5 years. But, when those are gone, that's it! I sincerely want to thank each and every one of you that patronized my business. From the tyer who purchased just one cape to those who purchased hundreds over the years, THANK YOU!!! I hope you will continue doing business with me until my supply is gone. I've had a good run. Beginning the day I picked up my first birds from Doc Fried in 1979 to the day I unplugged the incubators, I've been totally fascinated by it all. The friends I've made along the way have made the whole journey even more special. So, again, thank you and may God bless you all. Charlie Collins
  3. Poorman Winged Wet Fly Hook - Mustad 3399 or equivalent Thread - Black Tag - Flat silver tinsel Tail - Brown mallard fibers Body - Natural gray rabbit hair Wing - Brown mallard fibers Fly2000 Application
  4. Vamp Streamer Hook - Mustad 3665A or equivalent Thread - White under the body, black head Tag - Flat silver tinsel Tail - Black forked fibers Body - White uni yarn Wing - Cream neck hackles or bucktail Collar - Badger UV Resin coated head Flies - J Edson Leonard
  5. i currently have the Fly2000 app on my desktop now and like i said about a fly-fishing journal, i used it a couple of times and then forget about it it would probably be the same with your app and any other app. good lick on your endeavor
  6. Hellcat Hooks - MUS80500BL, MUS80501BL, TMC7999, DA12441 or equivalent, sizes 2-6 Thread - Black Tip - Flat silver tinsel Tail - Golden pheasant crest feather Body - Fluorescent pink chenille Hackle - Purple tied on as a collar and tied back and down Wing - White bucktail tied over the body Frank Headrick of Seattle, Washington, developed this pattern in the 1950s. Fish Flies: The Encyclopedia of the Fly Tier's Art - Terry Hellekson
  7. Yerxa Bucktail Trout Streamer Hooks - DA12370, DA12340, or TMC300, sizes 2-6 Thread - Black Tip - Flat gold tinsel Ribbing - Flat gold tinsel Body - Dubbed with yellow lamb's wool Throat - Yellow hackle barbs Wing - White bucktail tied over the body Cheeks - Jungle cock eyes or substitute Jack Yerxa of Square Lake, Maine, originated this pattern. Fish Flies: The Encyclopedia of the Fly Tier's Art - Terry Hellekson
  8. flytire


    @Gene L is very cryptic about why he uses the method he is describing but it may be because of his hand problem he wrote about here Lock down - The Lodge - Fly Tying (flytyingforum.com) i can now see how that would be a good idea if someone has a difficulty removing the cap
  9. flytire

    Over the Limit

    Anglers cited for catching 100-plus crappie over the legal limit (yahoo.com)
  10. artists spray fixative has long been a treatment for duck and goose quills you can also treat them with a light coating of uv resin i dont treat wet fly quill wings. theyll eventually split anyway
  11. Ida May Hooks - MUSR72, TMC5262, or DAI1710 or equivalent, sizes 6-12 Thread - Black Tail - Dyed dark green grizzly hen hackle barbs Ribbing - Peacock herl. Reverse wrapped with fine gold wire Body - Dubbed with black rabbit fur Legs - Dyed dark green grizzly hen hackle tied on as a collar and tied back Charlie Brooks originated this pattern. Fish Flies: The Encyclopedia of the Fly Tier's Art - Terry Hellekson
  12. flytire


    i have no problems unscrewing the cap on my overtons wax container
  13. Whiting farms has whats called "catskill classics" that include the cape and saddle Whiting Catskill Classics | Catskill Classics | Whiting Dry Fly Hackle (featheremporium.com) that would be my choice over collins hackles
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