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  1. i do have an external hard drive where i store all on my photos, excel spreadsheets, .pdf files etc will that be combatable with a new mac?
  2. i'm considering a new imac and i'm wondering about moving my files and applications from a pc to a mac. easily done or just dont bother i dont want to piss away $$$$ on a new computer if files cant be transferred
  3. Hot Vac Hook - Any curved style hook Bead - Brass or tungsten Thread - Hot orange Ribbing - Gold or copper wire Body - Pheasant tail fibers Wing - White uni stretch Hot spot - Tying thread Blue Ribbon Flies Website Shop Vac Hook - Any curved style hook Bead - Brass or tungsten Thread - Black Rib - Gold or copper wire Body - Pheasant tail fibers Wing - White uni stretch Blue Ribbon Flies Website
  4. 1. Winston 8 foot 6 inch 4 weight circa mid 1980's 2. St Croix Legend 9 foot 6 weight 3. Sage LL 9 foot 3 weight
  5. Cool there is this https://youtu.be/RT-sMgqZoDI http://www.warmwaterflytyer.com/bench.asp?page=13
  6. Cove's Pheasant Tail Hook - Tiemco 2457, 2487 (or equivalent), Mustad S80-3906, S82-3906B (or equivalent), size 10-18 Thread - Black Rib - Gold or copper Wire Body - Pheasant tail fibers Thorax - Gray dubbing Wing case - Pheasant tail fibers Legs - Pheasant tail fiber tips from wing case and pulled back May be tied without legs May be tied weighted with lead/lead free wire Originated by Arthur Cove
  7. Carey Special Hook - S82-3906B, size 8-14 Thread - Black Tail - Black or brown bear hair Body - Black or brown bear hair Hackle - Pheasant rump feather Originated in the Northwest around 1925 by Dr Day and Col Carey and was originally thought to be tied bear hair for the tail and body (as tied above). Reference - Tying Flies with Jack Dennis and Friends Modern versions are tied with multiple colors of chenille for the body and pheasant rump feather for the tail and hackle.
  8. Cate's Turkey Hook - Mustad S80-3906, S82-3906B - size 12-18 Thread - Black Tail - Wood duck feather fibers Rib - Gold wire Abdomen - Mottled turkey tail fibers Thorax - Peacock herl Legs - Wood duck feather fibers
  9. flytire


    so back to the ORIGINAL question Would you go to space?
  10. ....to go 373mph in a train! China unveils 373-mph 'levitating train' | TheHill
  11. 1. i think its a little premature to think that if a few "regulars" decide to no longer participate or host fly swaps that this forum category is going to disappear 2. i also think that not everybody is going to participate in swaps that have no relevance to them. why tie flies for a swap when you'll never use the flies or they don't exist in your area. i have a small fly shops worth of tying materials at my disposure but i really don't want to have to buy new materials for just 12 flies 3. some swaps take way too long from sign up date to delivery date to the swapmeister. one month should be the maximum length of time for a swap. this may keep tiers from joining. if you cant tie 12 flies in a one month time frame, don't join. my swap flies are usually tied within 1-3 days of signing up for a swap, but that's just me. OCD punctual 4. there are known procrastinators and "no shows" in the swap forum joining swaps that hold up the swap for everybody else. if they sign up for another swap, swapmeisters should confront them in a polite manner to see if they are rally going to tie flies for the swap. think about the other swappers you are holding up receiving the swap flies 5. there may be life events that may happen but at least let the swapmeister know so he can fill your spot when that happens. maybe swapmeisters could ask for 1-2 alternate swappers for when drop outs occur 6. i'm not saying we have any current dishonest swapmeister (we have had a few in the past that have taken the swap flies and never returned them) but I'm a little leery about signing on to a swap with an unknown swapmeister. it just might be me being cautious. i'm not going to scour that persons swap history to see if he has a 3 swap minimum to be a swapmeister 7. if postal situations get better with time and i find a swap that interests me, maybe i'll swap again but not just now. postage is getting up to about $10 round trip and delivery can be up to 2 months (but not always) 8. it is perfectly okay if fly swaps slow down during the summer months. they usually pick back up in the fall and winter 9. new tiers are always welcome to join fly swaps as long as youre serious. tying 12 flies is a good way to increase consistency okay i'm done. maybe too harsh? oh well. have you ever known me to be a diplomat! 🤪 bob nelson keep me in mind for your annual "caddis for christmas" swap if you still host it
  12. flytire


    Regardless of the $$$$$$$$$, it is quite an accomplishment for all of the hard working people who put it all together the return rocket stuck the landing 🚀 not just bezos and Branson
  13. flytire


    Would you go to space? not me. I like it right here on the ground let the billionares spend their money
  14. Bird's Stonefly - Dry Hook - TFS 2302, size 4-8 Thread - Orange Tail - Moose body hairs Body - Burnt orange floss Rib - Brown saddle hackle, trimmed Wings - Fox squirrel tail or black bucktail Hackle - Brown saddle hackle Antennae - Moose body hairs
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