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  1. Size 2 bass poppers Hook: mustad size 2 streamer tail: marabou, Krystal flash collar: saddle hackle legs: round rubber head: craft foam marshmallow airbrushed eyes: hologram eyes
  2. Wooly Bugger variant Hook: Mustad streamer size 2 tail: marabou and Krystal flash body: holo polar chenille
  3. My makeshift lathe for turning out popper bodies. Suggestions welcome.
  4. Does pressed felt have use in the world of fly tying?
  5. I had to get readers too. I really splurged, I got a 3 pack at Lowe's for 8 bucks. 1 pair for the fly tying desk, one for the fly pack and a spare!
  6. Body and indicators: craft foam legs: round rubber hook: size 6
  7. Hook: 1/64oz size 10 tail:yellow mop flash: Krystal flash legs: sili legs body: wing n flash caught in a dubbing loop and brushed out.
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